• Invisible Liquid Protector

    Are you still using out dated iPhone protector or samsung protector?

    Time to use wipe on liquid screen protector and make your device Shark Proof!

    Welcome to the future of screen protection technology, we have devised a unique formulation that utilizes nano-coating and forms a hard shield around the glass screen which is stronger, tougher, and more durable with hundred percent no traces of air bubbles. Not only it makes your smart phone free of air bubbles but you can say goodbye to those annoying edges which limited your device’s functionality.
    Samsung protectors or iPhone protectors or Apple watch protector at the moment does not repel water from the glass surface and if you are using your phone with wet hands then your smart phone will not function properly but wipe on liquid will ensure that the water repelled from the glass screen and it will create a germ free surface for your glass screen.

    The liquid forms an invisible layer which gives a high gloss finish and enhances the clarity of the screen at the same time so that you can always enjoy HD experience. Once the liquid is applied to the glass screen it will give you up to two years of protection against air bubbles, dust, grease and smudges. It is a one simple solution to all your glass screen problems.


  • Nanotechnology

    Shark Proof is a pioneer in the field of nanotechnology and over the years we have devised numerous products which have made the lives of people even easier and simple. Shark Proof headquarters is situation in United Kingdom and we have been supplying our products to United States, and other countries.

    Engineering at a micro molecular scale, nanotechnology are tiny molecules which bond to create a micro liquid-glass layer surface over glass surfaces, which are invisible to the naked eye but are there to protect your surfaces from abrasions and scratches, because they are interconnected so tightly they prevent water from passing through, which makes the surface hydrophobic or water repellent, this will not make your device water proof, but splash resistant. At the same time the molecular structures are so tight it prevents germs from entering, repels oil and dirt, making your surface Oleo phobic.

    Tiny bodyguards fixed onto your screen, protecting it from everyday use scratches from keys, pens, clothing and the accidental scratches. This pack of Shark Proof wipe-on liquid screen protector is sufficient for all smart phones and tablets up to 10.1” screen size for one device only.


  • Easily apply wipe on liquid screen protector without any mess

    Compared to installing iPhone protector or Samsung protector or Apple watch protector, nano-coating liquid can be applied easily to the device without any chaos or confusion. Anyone can effortlessly apply the liquid without worrying about air bubbles or any other thing else.

    Open the liquid screen protector kit provided by the Shark Proof and there you will find two sachets, one of the sachets is used for cleaning which as marked as “1.” This is primary cleaning sachet which is used to remove any dust or smudges, and clean all the grease from your smart phone or tablet or wrist watch so the glass surface is ready for the application of second pouch.

    Sachet which is marked as 2 is a “nano-applicator” containing especially designed liquid nano technology that has to be applied on the glass screen after cleaning the surface with the first sachet. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about whether you have applied too much liquid or too less liquid or more liquid on one side of the screen. The liquid will automatically balance and level itself. However, simply ensure to evenly wipe the entire surface of the screen for maximum protection.Follow the step by step method to use Shark Proof’s protector kit


  • Does your tablet screen protector offers maximum protection?

    Shark Proof’s wipe on liquid screen protector offers more durability compared to other tablet Screen Protector and other products which is out there in the market at the moment. With tablet Screen Protector, you will be always searching to find the right fit for your iPad, iPad mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro and probably you have realized it by now either the tablet Screen Protector is too tight or too loose around the edges and it also limit accessibility to certain controls and buttons. If you have to use a button then you will have to pull out the tablet from its cover or case which beats the purpose of having a tablet protector in the first place.

    Our specialized formula not only helps you in protecting your tablet against dust, finger prints and smudges but also making it more convenient for you to use your tablet without worrying about scratches or wear and tear. Unlike, traditional screen protectors which are made for specific models only with Shark Proof you don’t have to be worried about size or finding the right fit for your media devices. Furthermore, we have tested our products against all the protectors out there and we found our product to be more resistant against scratches. Still skeptic? Watch our test that we conducted at Shark Proof’s research center.



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