True replacement for Traditional Screen Protectors

Shark Proof's self healing invisible screen protector offers maximum protection for all your devices
against dust, scratches, and germs.The liquid protection can last up to 2 years.Our screen
protector is especially designed for the following devices.

  • Smart Phones
  • Tablets
  • Sat Nav & GPS Devices
  • LCD & LED Screen
  • Smart Watch
  • Camera
  • Medical Equipment
  • TFT Screen
  • Sat Nav & GPS Devices

    Maintain sensitivity & accurracy with Invisible Self Healing Protector
    Car's Sat Nav has becpme an essential technolology that we all use in our daily lives in order to navigate through
    Urban or riral area and drivers continuously use navigation system in order to reach their destination. However,
    car's Sat Nav interface is very fragile and the screen needs to be protected. There are various Sat Nav Protective
    cases available in the market that protects the screen but it ultimately diminishes the sensitivity of touch screen.

    Sat Nav Protector or Invisible Screen Protector by Shark proof is an ideal way to safeguard Sat Nav & GPS
    devices glass surface without upsetting the performance of the device.

    Medical Equipments

    Powerful tool to combat germs on medical instrument's glass screen
    Medical instruments present in hospitals are exposed to many germs, viruses and bacteria. Usually these
    bacterial germs are present on medical monitor and can be transmitted upon contact. Using alcohol or ammonia
    on the glass surface can kill the germs and viruses but they can also damage the interface of the medical

    Shark Proof's Invisible Screen Protector not only protects the surface from scratches but it also eliminates germs
    present on LED or LCD screen.

    TFT, LCD, LED, OLED Screen

    Protect your LCD & TFT with one time application
    TFT (Thin Film Transistor) or LED, LCD, OLED Screen are not immune to scratches or dust particles and it can significantly
    reduce screen clarity and leave scuffs on the glass surface of the monitor. Furthermore, germs are also present on the
    screen which can be transferred to people upon contact. Traditional screen protector does not fully protect the screen and
    they are made for specific models and brands.

    Shark Proof's Invisible Self Healing Protector helps in safe guarding TFT, LCD and other types of screen from dust,
    scratches and germs. It has anti bacterial properties which traditional does not offer and it can be applied
    to any make, model and brand.
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