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Unique - Sticky tacky screen protectors are a thing of the past,
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something not only great but to talk about all the way home
We are a force with a combined experience of more than 50 years
in marketing, mobile products, accessories, distribution and
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We are truly global and are able to reach you within days
We support all our customers whether big or small with dedicated
and customized Point Of Sale support
We’re continuously investing in research and developing more innovative
products that will be soon added to our Shark Proof’s product line.
This one product eliminates your mountain of shelves with dead stock,
what do you do with your old screen protectors when new models
come out? Exactly.
We are universal - No brand limitations, all makes and models welcome,
does your plastic screen protector shout that?
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We offer all our valuable partners, dedicated, customized, and bespoke Point Of Sale because every market is different from each other, and we perfectly understand from where you are coming from! Talk to us about your markets now.


At Shark Proof, we’ve an excellent team consisting of highly dedicated design, marketing, online, and offline specialists whose experience revolves around making business more successful, this is a new leap and we are here to support your needs


Beware of cheap nanotechnology imitations, did you know that we test on a weekly basis, yep that's right, every week new screens go under the hammer and get tested, and that’s why we are continuously striving to be better every day


Every partner will get our free dedicated one to one training and knowledge sessions, so you will know what we know. You're part of the family now, come on in. Your success is our success and we want to be even more successful


This is the journey, and we are keeping it simple. We want to be the world’s NUMBER 1 in screen and device protection, and we want you to come on board on this journey with us. What started out as an idea, turning into a prototype, and now real worldwide is only getting bigger, stronger and wilder.
Shark Proof
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