Wipe on Liquid Screen Protector
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Product description: Wipe on Liquid Screen Protector can protect any smart device whether it is a iphone, samsung galaxy, ipad, nexus, tablets, or smart watch up to 2 years. Make your device scratch resistant, germ free and water repellent

Liquid Glass Screen Protector – Single Pack


£14.99 in Stock
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Shark-Proof introduces Stronger Wipe on Invisible Liquid Screen Protector Scratch Resistance for Any Phone & Tablet Screen.
Ditch your normal bubble prone, tacky screen protector and give your device the glossy, invisible protection that it deserves!
Shark Proof covers any electronic device with a glass screen

  • Covers all screens up to 10.1 inches
  • Compatible with all HTC, Samsung, Apple Watch, Huweii, HTC, Nokia, LG, Blackberry, Sony devices
  • 100% Bubble Free, leaves no smear marks, and Invisible
  • Antibacterial & Germ Free
  • Hydrophobic & Water Splash Repellent
  • Extra Tough Coating & Scratch Resistant
  • A clear screen without any residue
  • Single Coating Lasts Up to 2 Years
  • Product of the USA

Everything you need to make your phone or tablet screen scratch resistant

Nano Technology

The Nano Technology is super scratch resistant and yet still provides a hardness rating that rivals most other forms of device screen protection. With the Invisible features of Shark-Proof there is no obtrusive screen protector therefore Shark-proof allows you to have a screen protector that can be used with any case. The world’s toughest grade nanotechnology. Extra tough coating, stronger than traditional screen protectors.

Clear Glossy Screen

In addition to, we have included a Smart Sticker Cleaner that can be stuck on to the reverse of your device to enable a smear free polish clean whenever required. Always retain a clear screen without any residue left.

Any Device (Even your Apple Watch)

Shark-Proof can be applied to all kinds of screens, Satellite Navigation systems, Medical equipment, and children’s educational toys. The list is endless.
Don’t risk your smartphone, tablet or Smart Watch screen get covered by Shark-Proof today

Box Contains

1 X Cleaner / Primer used to prep your glass surface; 1 X Nano Applicator used for applying the liquid screen protector as a wipe; 1 X Anti Static Microfibre cloth used for buffing the screen after application; 1 X Shark Proof Sticker Card for cleaning your screen after your application; International user manual enclosed


Thousands Sold Worldwide!

Shark Proof at Exposed 2016

OXGADGETS at Exposed 2016 with Shark Proof!

Bubble IT from Nottingham at the Exposed Show 2016

Btekt Update Wearables! Rumour roundup! Shark-Proof

SharkProof - Liquid wipe on screen protector!

Reviews (10)


  1. Stephen Casares

    (verified owner):

    Used the product at CES Las Vegas 2016 and it was amazing. Wish I could have bought it then.

  2. Manni


    Manni, London

    Love it, no sticking on and trying to get bubbles out and the screen just gets so much smoother!

  3. Kash


    Kash, London

    This is excellent, best thing i like is the smoother surface. I have the nexus, fed up of the bubbles and dirt that keeps rolling up on the edges. Definitely recommend it.

  4. Catherin


    Catherin, Berkshrie

    Bought it for my son’s apple watch as he constantly uses it for the apply pay. Really good product. New one for my Kindle please!

  5. Aly



    My kids seem to want to peel off the screen protector on the ipad, this is awesome. Now they do not tap as hard as the surface is made better.

  6. Mansoor Shinwari


    Mansoor Shinwari

    A screen protector is a must for almost any smartphone or tablet these days to ensure your device’s screen looks just as good as it was when you first got it. The problem with that is that you can get unsightly air bubbles under the protector. With this wipe on protector there is are no air bubbles and no thick plastic bulking up your device. (Check pictures of my tablet with the completely invisible product applied). Your device will also become water repellent (not waterproof) as any liquid simply slides off the screen.

    As you can see from the pictures taken, this comes with one packet to clean your device and another to apply the Nano wipe on liquid to your device. These packets are labelled and the instruction manual is clear with diagrams. Additionally a video walkthrough has also been made available by Sharkproof at […] or simply search ‘SharkProof liquid wipe on protector’ on Youtube. The in-depth video also covers how the Nano technology works.

    Some worries I initially had were whether the Nano technology would affect my Samsung S6’s fingerprint scanner and front facing camera but both work perfectly fine. The only possible downside is the initial cleaning and application of the product can take some time and a little elbow grease. The technology requires a few hours for it to function properly so you’ll need to take care of it until then. (I suggest doing it just before you sleep) I feel this is worth it for the on-box guarantee of ‘up to 2 years’ cover.

    Having used it on my tablet, there is no way I can go back to the now ‘old’ plastic protector. Overall a fantastic and innovative product.

  7. Vijay K


    Wow! I wasn’t convinced but it’s been on my iPhone 6s for 2 weeks now and not a scratch in sight! Even after my 3 year old has played with my phone every evening! Easy to apply and finally no more stick on screen protectors.

  8. Yathin Gupta


    Yathin Gupta

    I finally got rid of the bubbles screen protectors would leave on my phone and no more thick plastic feeling.. this is an amazing piece of technology, I will never use the old fashioned screen protectors EVER!!

  9. Peacekeeper



  10. Cory Minty


    商品詳細・【素材】表地:ポリエステル100、中身:ポリエステル100サイズ・【大きさ】W200XD150XH400mm。 サッカー ダウンコート

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