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Shark Proof is a leader in Nanotechnology materials, providing solutions for the new world in invisible protection for surfaces.

About Shark Proof

Shark Proof is well known for leading the field of nanotechnology began its operations back in 2013. The company started by focusing on its research and development department. Over the period of two years after toying with the idea of creating something that is amazing and useful, something that is needed by everyone. We came up with a complete solution to all problems related to tablets, smart phones, and wrist watches based on daily usage that is wipe on liquid screen protector.


“To be the leader in smart device accessories, care and longevity”

Shark Proof was established with the aim to making people lives even easier using the nanotechnology. Our nanotechnology product helps our customers in better protecting their valuables such as iPhones, Samsung smart phone, iPads, tablets and so on. Our customers are from all over the world who are using our products extensively, we ensure that all our end users are satisfied using our product and every decision we take at Shark Proof is to ensure our customer satisfaction is 100%.

No matter what type of media device you are using whether it is small or large if it has a glass surface our product is designed to protect it and increase the longevity of your product. Presently there are more than 6 billion smart phone circulating all over the globe and more than 500 million tablets moreover, countless smart watches and consoles. All of these devices uses a glass surface and the fact is that glass surface needs some sort of protection in order to enhance the longevity of the device.

Glass Surface is the primary interface used for communication between machine and you furthermore, it is prone damages over the years we have seen people using various sort of screen protectors such as iPhone protector, Samsung protector, tablet screen protector, and so on.

But none of these protection last forever. Every model is different from the other model and screen protection cases are available only for specific types of phone.

Your device manufacturer when they designed that device did not build it around a plastic coating protector, they designed it based on beauty which resonates through the product, however there are very few products which do not have a screen protector. They've fulfilled their purpose and they've done a great job. Now it’s time to move on – let the beauty of the products shine through and let Shark Proof do the protection.

We have worked tirelessly, testing and then retesting until we could test no more, and we are proud of our finished product. A product which has multiple benefits but with security at its core. Liquid screen protection for your smart device is only the beginning, and for 2015 that’s where we wanted to start, the future is Shark Proof and we have multiple product launches lined up, make sure to register for our newsletter to stay tuned.

The Shark's Team


Still using stick on screen protectors on your device?

Welcome to the future of Screen Protector technology. We are Shark Proof, based in the United Kingdom, we have devised a unique formulation which is stronger, tougher, more durable, with no air bubbles or annoying edges, enhanced water repellent and creating a germ-free surface for your smart device glass screen, as a wipe.

Yes, simply wipe on your new Shark Proof screen protector to the surface of your glass screen and enjoy a tough and invisible layer of nanotechnology protection which will last up to 2 years! Gone are the days of sticking and forcing out bubbles, Shark Proof brings to you ease of use and perfect protection for your devices glass screen.

Shark Proof
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