Father Loves his Son

Shark Proof Tale: A Father’s Gift to his Beloved Son

As I rushed down stairs on the eve of my 12th birthday, I was delighted to see my father standing with balloons in his left hand and a dazzlingly covered up gift package in his right hand. The level of jubilancy and joy while watching this sight was nothing less than ecstasy. I quickly ran […]

Shark Proof Your New Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The Galaxy Note 10 is out with a highly advanced technological feature set. Recently, Samsung has successfully launched its new and improved Galaxy Note 10 for the technology lovers around the world. The company has produced two innovative models, one being the standard while other being the Plus Model. The motive behind the manufacturing of […]

The Best Apple Watch Screen Protector by Shark Proof

Latest Apple Watches are an exclusive style statement that impart an excellent impression when you wear it to your office, or even at an informal party. However, as this device possesses a glass screen, it is essentially important that your Apple Watch Screen is protected from scratches, germs, and all kinds of moisture. With out […]

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