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What is Deepfake Technology and How is it Dangerous?

With the advent of revolutionary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, A new Deepfake technology is now being used and implemented in a number of enigmatic ways. Just imagine this scenario: you access any of your social media account and you see a video where Donald Trump is having a press conference. This conference seems real […]

The Best Screen Protector for Your Laptops/MacBooks

Laptops and Macbooks: A New Paradigm of Technology In the past decade, other than different cellphones and accessories, Laptops and MacBook have established a new paradigm of technology. They have introduced a revolutionary change in business and entrepreneurship in the entire world. This revolutionary tendency is because of the compactness and easy to use capacity […]


The Best Nintendo Switch Screen Protector 2019

Are you worried about your Nintendo switch getting scratched, or facing damage from water spills and germs? Well your worry is justified. Here’s why! According to statistics, almost a million Nintendo Switches get damaged just in the United States primarily because they were not protected with the best Nintendo switch protection. However, in 2019, different […]


The Best Sunglasses for Men 2019: Shark Proof’s Collection

Sunglasses are one of the most important style statements for all the fashion lovers and aspiring models out there. The classy look projected by a pair of Swaggy Shades is unmatched, especially on the beach, in a sunny day. Today, we are listing down all the famous brands which provide you with a top-notch look […]

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