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5 tips to extend battery life of your iPhone 7 and other iPhone models

By May 5, 2016Buzz
5 tips to increase the battery life of iphone 7 and other iphone models

Apple’s smartphone has been well-known in the consumer market for its shorter battery life and sometimes it can be very difficult to get through the day without charging the device again unless the usage of phone is limited. However, new models like iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S has better battery life but it is still not enough as most of the users are always online on social media, taking selfies, and surfing on the internet which drains the life out of your cell phone very quickly. Here are some of the useful tips that will surely help you in conserving battery for your iPhone 7 and other iPhone models.

Switch off Parallax functionality

The latest phone models from Apple comes with an integrated gyroscope with parallax effect which is a motion based sensor that allows your home screen to move with you. Moreover, this parallax function continuously accesses the gyroscope present within the phone which utilizes a lot of battery. So if you’re looking to preserve energy then switch off this feature by going in the setting menu and select reduce motion option.

Closing Applications Manually

Some of the mobile applications present on your smart device run in the background even if you’re not using that particular application which slowly drains the battery life over time. The next thing that you should do is manually close all the applications that are not required instead of quitting. On the other hand, if you’re frequently accessing those apps, then there is no point in closing those applications manually as re-loading such apps will consume even more energy.

Turn off Location Tracker

Another easy method to preserve battery time is by turning off the location access tracker which constantly uses GPS present on your phone. You can simply turn off the location tracker by going to the privacy tab present under the setting menu and restrict access of apps to pin point your location.

Lock Screen Rotation

Rotating screen might look and feel awesome but it consumes around 10 to 20% of battery life and turning on lock screen rotation can give you extended battery time. Moreover, we constantly do not landscape view all the time and if you happen to watch a movie or a video then you could activate this function otherwise keep it off.

Turn off Bluetooth

Bluetooth feature is a cool function that allows you to use free Wi-Fi at star bucks however; it is also one of the many things that eat loads of battery. If your iPhone 7’s Bluetooth is on then it will constantly search for new devices or Wi-Fi which will slowly use up all the energy so the best practice is to close the Bluetooth until you need to pair it with another device or Wi-Fi.

In short, these are some of the few techniques that you can use to preserve battery life of your iPhone 7 and other iPhone models.

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