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5 Trends in mobile applications for 2016 and beyond

By March 22, 2016Buzz
5 trends in mobile application for 2016

Mobile applications have certainly changed the way we use our smart phones in our daily lives. From controlling thermostat in our houses to monitoring our heart beats, these apps have allowed us to do more than to just make simple phone calls. Let’s take a brief look at some of the trends that will play an important role in the upcoming application development for 2016.

1. User Personalization

This is perhaps one of the most important features that we will continue to see play a major role in the upcoming apps. New apps introduced in 2016 will be more responsive and as the user profile develops based on his experience he will get a more personalized content. Apps like heart beat monitor, blood pressure monitoring tool store’s history of blood pressure and gives user a more personalized routine to follow in order to maintain their BP.

2. Integrating mobile application with wearable devices

Last year we had witnessed the growth of wearable devices such as smart watch, apple watch that are integrated with smart phones. These applications are installed on smart phones and they permit user to perform certain actions such as monitoring physical activities, reading emails, making phone calls, listening to music and so on. Furthermore, main goal of such type of technology is to ensure accessibility and supportive experiences for the user based on daily work schedule.

3. Multitasking Abilities

Unlike, desktop computers or laptops, smart phones can quickly setup and run applications within microseconds. In the coming years, we can expect these devices to run some of the most powerful software such as photo shop, dream weaver, and other similar software. Super processor and ram will allow users to carry out more than one function at a time and execute multiple tasks simultaneously.

4. Gaming Enhancement

Mobile games such as Clash of Clan have already transformed the mobile gaming industry. Graphics has been significantly enhanced and it gives more detail output to the users. Millions of user can interact with each other in real time and inter-connectivity has been improved dramatically. In order to experience the perfect gaming environment, many users from all over the world have switched towards using liquid screen protector that gives them a smooth, shinny screen surface, and better response time as compared to traditional plastic screen protector that hinders performance of mobile applications.

5. Social Networking

Along with built app purchase system, mobile gaming enhancement we can expect to see role of social media taken to the next level. Users through their smartphones will be able to add contacts, message and view email in just one thread. Integrated social media platform will be available to users on smartphones, and through one dashboard they can easily manage and share content across different platforms within seconds.

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