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Protect your smart watch without compromising on style!

By December 9, 2015Buzz
smart watch protector

As soon as smart watches such as apple watches were introduced in the market, those watches became an instant success. It allowed users to track daily activities, manage music using voice commands and other such features which made lives even simpler for people. One of the unique features of smart watch is its appearance, since the display of watch can be customized according to each individual preference.

Moreover, glass screen of apple watches and other smart watches are very delicate and fragile. Some smart watches use a plastic-embedded glass and some use Gorilla glass. One needs to have some sort of protection for their expensive watch in order to protect their investment. Watches need protection as they are prone to the most amount of scratches, dirt and germs. Presently, there are various brands who are offering different types of apple watch protector, but it causes layer stacking instead of a single sheet protection. However, even if some of the brands offered a single sheet protection, with the passage of time air bubbles would start to appear on the glass screen.

Shark Proof’s innovative invisible liquid protector can also be used as an apple watch protector without producing layer-stack effect. One of the best things about wipe on liquid protector is that it does not reduce touch to response time which means that after applying the liquid protector it will not interfere or hinder the performance of smart watch.

smart watch

In addition to, based on nanotechnology process, this screen protector can be smoothly applied on all smart watches without any hassle, and when users operate their smartphones after the liquid is applied on surface they will not feel any difference. Liquid protector does not add any weight to the watch and more importantly it does not mess up the style of the wrist watch. One can maintain the unique design of watch for an extended period of time and it will be invisible to human eye.

For some outgoing users, apple watch or smart watch will come into contact with rough environment, and there is a high chance that watch’s glass surface might get damaged. Moreover, taking into account all these factors Shark Proof have designed apple watch protector using nano-coating liquid that keeps watch protected at all times.

Most of the screen protectors for smart watches do not have any water repellent properties. If wrist watch comes into contact with water it can significantly diminish the performance and cause blur effect on glass surface. In contrast, Shark Proof’s invisible liquid protector has water repellent characteristics. Consider for example if water drop falls on glass screen it will slide away from glass surface since molecules of water are bigger than nano-coating liquid molecules it cannot pass through invisible liquid shield.

To sum up, Shark Proof’s apple watch protector offers

  • Maintain originality of smart watch
  • Protection against dust, germs, & smudges
  • Defends against minor scratches
  • Does not add any weight to wrist watch
  • Better Screen clarity
  • Water repellent
  • Anti Bacterial
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