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Protect ANY Brand, Make Model of Smart Phone or Tablet, Front & Back!

With Shark Proof expanding over 100 countries around the world, we would like to answer your questions regarding our product and its utility.
Watch this video to get the answers!

       See what happen After 24 hours of Shark Proof application to your Valuable Glass Screen devices. Click this Video to watch a Scratch & Crack Test that relieves the strength of our Valuable product!

      The Best Screen Protector for All Glass Screen Devices. Hard to Believe? Well, you can watch this video and see for yourself what Shark Proof has to offer. Learn how you protect your phones and tablets!

Laptops & MacBooks, Touchscreens and Readers, Up to 24"

From Touchscreen laptops to full rugged displays – make sure your screens are Shark Proof!

Not just the front (!), Shark Proof is great on the reverse cameras and readers too!

Put it to the test. We’re great on Laptops, MacBooks, Touchscreens, Drawing Tablets and everything else you can think of!

Smart Watches, Apple Watches, FitBits, Front Fascia and Reverse Sensors

Disgusting thick screen protector on your flashy smart watch? No more! Smart Watches were designed to be shown off – Shark Proof It!

Too busy protecting the fascia and you forget the reverse sensors, full of sweat, germs, grease – yuk. No More! Shark Proof It!

One Wipe – 12 Months, Wipe On, Buff Off, Protection against liquids, germs, scratches, chlorine and so much more.

Sunglasses, Glasses & Eyewear, Colours, Tinted, Mirrored - ANY Specs!

Whether its your Clark Kent Specs or Shiny Ray Bans, Shark Proof is the WORLDS ONLY LENS PROTECTOR! 

The Shark Text in action, Shark Proof any kind of sunglasses, glasses, reflective, mirror, shiny, if its specs on your head – Shark Proof It!

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