The Most Powerful Screen Protector for Smart Watches

In the past decade, other than different cellphones and accessories, Smart Watches by Apple and Samsung have established a new paradigm of technology with a revolutionary change in business and entrepreneurship in the entire world. This revolutionary tendency is because of its easy to use and portable capacity. This easy access to smart technology provided […]

Christmas is Coming: Make Sure You Have This Essential in Your Checklist!

With Christmas Right Around the Corner, Make Sure You’re All Geared Up with a Complete Christmas Essential Checklist, And Don’t Forget to Include this Essential Product to Elevate the Blessings! As Christmas is approaching, people around the world are experiencing a jubilant anticipation for massive Holiday Celebrations. As a result, family members are beginning to […]

Keep Your Phone Safe While Capturing Your Favorite Selfies

Selfies are the most trending pictures on almost every social media platform in the world. People from all around the world have uploaded millions of selfies, making it a hot topic to address. In order to enable customers to take the best selfies, different brands around the world have been working to develop the best […]

A MacBook Screen Costs Way More than You Think: Protect it Now!

It is being observed that a Large Number of MacBook screens are getting damaged and need replacing. Make Sure Your MacBook does not end up in that List! A Wise Men Once Uttered these Golden Words: Prevention is Better than Cure. The Shark Proof Mantra for MacBook Screen Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen! This is the […]

Calling All Retailers, Distributors and Wholesalers

According to the Research carried out by the University of NIS, the Biggest Challenge Faced by Retailers, Distributers, and Wholesalers is the piling up of stock and inventories. Significant amount of research is put into understanding why different Retailers and Distributers suffer from lack of product mobility around the world. This means that the Products being sold […]

Its Official! Google has Bought Fitbit for $2.1 Billion

In order to rival the trending Apple watches in the market, google has now officially bought Fitbit for an approximate $2.1 Billion. This news has proven that Smart Watches are now being witnessed as the technology of the future, and big corporations cannot survive without securing their financial interests in this domain of technology. This […]

Apple VS Samsung: Which One has the Best Smart Phones?

Choosing the Right Smart Phone is an Essentially Imperative Choice for Customers Around the World. However, Many Customers face Confusion when it comes to Apple VS Samsung Smart Phones: Which one is better? See for Yourself! When choosing the Right Smart Phone all your needs, you can consider several factors: Are you into larger or […]

Latest Trends and Innovations for Smart Devices: Read here!

In the recent times, the world is witnessing an induction of innovation and creativity in almost all facets of life. This innovation is such that it has brought about a revolution in the domain of technology and scientific advancement. As a means to explore the future of technology, scientists are discovering more and more convenient […]

Shark Proof_deepfake

What is Deepfake Technology and How is it Dangerous?

With the advent of revolutionary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, A new Deepfake technology is now being used and implemented in a number of enigmatic ways. Just imagine this scenario: you access any of your social media account and you see a video where Donald Trump is having a press conference. This conference seems real […]

The Best Screen Protector for Your Laptops/MacBooks

Laptops and Macbooks: A New Paradigm of Technology In the past decade, other than different cellphones and accessories, Laptops and MacBook have established a new paradigm of technology. They have introduced a revolutionary change in business and entrepreneurship in the entire world. This revolutionary tendency is because of the compactness and easy to use capacity […]

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