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Shark proof liquid screen protector for all phones, tablets and laptops.

PET films and tempered glass protectors were introduced in the market when consumers started to complain about mobile phone screens that they are too fragile and minor scratches or scuffs could easily hinder the performance of device so in order to overcome these obstacles such types of protectors were introduced in the marketplace. However, these screen protectors came with limited features and they were only good for a certain period of time.

On the other hand, innovative liquid protector developed by Shark Proof, is one-of-a-kind which has completely replaced the traditional screen protection technology. Moreover, it offers users more benefits and convenience as compared to those sticky and tacky protectors. Let’s take a close look at some of the features liquid protectors.


Liquid protector by Shark, is truly an amazing tech that can be applied on type of electronic glass screen without limiting or restricting performance. The nanotechnology liquid can be seamlessly be applied on the surface without worrying about applying too much or too less. The liquid automatically balances itself and it fully covers entire glass surface. Plus, single coating of liquid protector can last up to 2 years depending upon the usage of your smart device.

Oil Resistant

The oleo-phobic coating applied on the electronic glass screen makes sure that water or oil or other such type of liquid does not stay on the surface and it will simply slide away from the surface so you don’t have to ever worry about using your phone with wet hands. There will be no interactivity issues or any other thing else and you will never feel any difference when you’re operating your smart device.

9H hardness

The liquid protector comes with up to 9H hardness which makes it as strong as sapphire. Pens, pencils or keys or any other type of pointy objects will not be able to penetrate through the glass surface. Minor scratches or scuffs will not be present on the electronic glass screen any more. The liquid protector will provide you non-stop protection up to 2 years.

Anti-Germ Protection

The liquid protector comes with anti-bacterial properties and it makes your electronic glass screen germ free. Cell phones have been known to carry thousands of bacteria and other microorganism which can be very harmful and can cause sickness. The liquid protector forms an oleo-phobic coating which prevents the growth of bacteria and makes your device germ free.