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By GoSharkproof Admin December 07, 2016 0 comments

Screen protectors are being used increasingly day by day. People feel safer using their phone after they have applied a screen protector on it. What makes a screen protector so important and what purpose should a screen protector serve? These are the questions that we will discuss further.

In its most basic explanations, a screen protector is an added layer of transparent glass or plastic over your touch screen. Most smartphones have touch screens used as input and it only makes sense to protect your only medium of input to your smartphone. Even if a phone does not have a touch screen, it may seem sensible to apply a screen protector.

But what purpose does a screen protector serve? More importantly, what purpose must a screen protector serve?

A screen protector must always protect the screen from smudges and scratches that may damage the screen. An exposed screen can suffer if it is dropped accidently on the ground, if too much pressure is applied on it and if a sharp object accidently falls on the screen. Not only that, a screen protector must be strong enough to absorb excessive force applied to the screen.

Apart from being durable under extreme conditions, a screen protector must be able to transmit the force from the fingers to the underlying semiconductor layer while providing the same quality of feel and quickness of touch as the original screen. Failure to transmit touch force or creating delays in touch would render the protective screen useless.

Apart from the above mentioned basic functions, a screen protector must keep out dust, dirt, liquids and/or any other sort of external elements away from the original screen. It must not be porous that will allow particles to affect or harm the screen in any way.

A good screen protector must allow the user to look at the screen clearly without any hindrance that might affect the original quality of the screen. It must transmit the optimum amount of light that leaves the original screen and reach the user with the same intensity and clarity. A good screen protector must also cover the whole screen, must be easy to apply and must not damage the screen by the application of itself.

Smartphones are used by people of all shapes, sizes and professions in all areas and occasions of life. They are used in offices, on the beach, at homes, amusement parks, concerts and all other types of social gatherings. Simply put, smartphones move with us and therefore the risk of screen damage is high at all times. It is necessary that screen protector manufacturers find the right compromise between flexibility, durability and clarity to ensure that the screen remains safe and scratch less during and after the protector’s application.

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