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If you’re one of those people who happen to have butter fingers and you continuously find yourself in situation where your devices easily damaged by sharp objects then it’s high time to upgrade your screen protectors.  Shark Proof’s innovative and cutting edge liquid glass screen protector can be effortlessly be applied on type of device whether it is smart phone, tablet, smart watch, Sat Nav, or medical equipment.

Ultimate Protection

The liquid layer is so thin that it almost undetectable by human eye and only you would know that a screen protector has applied on your device. Even though the layer is very thin but in terms of protection it has the hardness level of 9H which makes it as strong as a sapphire. Just image what would happen if a pointed object touched the sapphire stone, nothing! And the same goes for the thin protective layer. You don’t have to ever worry about those pens, pencils, and keys damaging the interface of your precious tech.

Air Bubble Free Protection

Moreover, if you happen to use PET films in the past for defending your smart device then you must have dealt with air bubbles issue which could ruin your overall viewing experience and you have no option but remove those types of protector and expose your phone to harsh environment. On the other hand, liquid glass screen protector offers complete bubble free protection once it is applied on the electronic glass surface, and you can indefinitely forget about air bubbles popping up.

Simple Application

Another amazing fact about liquid glass screen protector is that its application procedure is very simple as compared to installing tempered glass screen protectors which requires a lot of time and precision to perfectly install the protector. In contrast, simple guidelines are provided in the product packaging which you need to follow to make your device fully protected. These application steps are so easy to follow that even a seven year old child could apply without any hassle.

Splash Resistant

Since liquid glass screen protector is made up by using nanotechnology its molecular structure is smaller than water which means that if a water drop is present on the glass surface it will be unable to pass through the thin protective layer. Moreover, you can also use your phone with wet hands and it will still give you a perfect screen to touch response time.

Up to 2 Years Defense

Once the shark Proof is applied on your device, you can rest easily up to 2 years. The protective layer will defend your device from all sorts of scratches, and abrasions up to 2 years. Plus, dust residue or particles will not stick on the surface anymore and if you feel like cleaning the screen in that case you can a sticker provided in the product packaging to remove any impurities or dust residue.

You can buy the Shark Proof Liquid Glass Screen Protector for just £14.99 only and enjoy air bubble free protection.

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