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Bacteria on Phones

Today’s era is smart phones era. Life is incomplete without smart phones. No doubt it is true but another reality is that cell phones are dirty objects. They carry different types of germs which cause different diseases. Our phone touch screen contains 20 times more bacteria than those present on toilet seat, which is actually disgusting. Mobile phone has become a necessity in today’s world. We are continuously having our phones in our hand, using them while eating or using restroom. Now you might be thinking that how bacteria are there as you wash your hands with soap regularly. A question arises, you wash your hands with soap but do you clean your phone screen with soap? The answer is obviously no.

The germs, food particles and fingerprints on your phone screen make it look dirty as well as infectious to health. We touch the screen and all the germs and bacteria are transferred to our body as we will touch other body parts with same dirty hands, providing way to bacteria to enter our body. These bacteria can also be transmitted to other person if they use your phone.

According to researches performed worldwide bacteria present on phone screen are the major cause of skin infections and illness. Nobody perfectly cleans their screen, so the bacteria keeps on growing and spread themselves. Bacteria can reproduce very quickly and spread from person to person if they use their phone. A large number of bacteria found on phone screen are usually transferred by their owner’s hands and vice versa.

Protecting your screen was complicated but not anymore. Shark Proof has introduced a Liquid Glass Screen Protector to prevent your phone from bacteria and germs. Liquid Glass Screen Protector protects your phone for 2 years from all the germs and bacteria. Liquid Glass Screen Protector is 100% bubble resistant and is much thinner than human hair. Liquid Glass Screen Protector is ISO-9001 certified and is tried and tested on all famous mobile phone brands. So hurry up and protect your phones from bacteria and kinds of hazardous germs to have a safe and healthy living.