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Shark proof liquid screen protectors for all phones, tablets and laptops.

The glass screen protector giant began its journey on 17, August, 2015, and within a short span of time Shark Proof managed to cement its place in the marketplace as one of the leading glass screen protector providers in the world for computer tablets, mobile phones, smart watches, Sat Nav and other type of smart devices.

On this occasion, Rashad Hussain, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Shark Proof, said that “We’re highly satisfied with our level of performance, and we have quickly achieved our goals by attracting some of the top global distributors and retailers.” Liquid Screen Protector by Shark changed the dynamics of electronic glass screen industry when it came out in the consumer market last year. The liquid protector broke all the barriers associated with tempered glass and PET films and this liquid could effortlessly be applied on type of smart device without any restriction of make, model, or brand.

During this short period of time, global distributors such as Computer Unlimited, TORANJ, Divo of Italy, and other prominent brands joined hands with Shark Proof to distribute liquid screen protector in their region. Plus, Shark Proof also displayed its innovative product offering at numerous events held internationally including Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2016, and Exposed 2016 where consumers were simply amazed by the unique features of liquid glass screen protector.

Five-Star Editor’s Choice Review For Shark Proof In iCreate

From day one, Shark Proof has continued to win new customers, retailers, and distributors every day, and recently, Shark also received a five star editor’s choice review in iCreate which is one of the leading magazines for apple products in United Kingdom and Europe. Moreover, the review can be read in the one hundred and sixty three issue of iCreate Magazine in which the editor has listed down the advantages of having liquid Screen Protector over traditional tacky screen protectors.

Special Offer For Customers

On this special occasion, Shark Proof has introduced a special offer for its customers by giving 10% off on liquid glass screen protector. Besides, customers can simply avail this exclusive offer by punching in the coupon code “sproof10” at the time of placing their order. For customers, present in United Kingdom, they can also enjoy free shipment and receive glass screen protector at their doorstep.

Characteristics of Invisible Screen Protector

The screen protector from Shark is completely invisible and it comes with 9H hardness which can easily withstand any type of scratches, grazes or abrasion. Moreover, once the liquid is applied on the electronic glass it can last up to 2 years depending upon customer’s usage. Additionally, cleaning is also very simple and hassle-free. There is a sticker provided in the product packaging which is completed dipped in the nano-technology liquid which can be placed on the back on smart device, and whenever the user feels like cleaning their device, they can use it to remove any impurities or dust particles.

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