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Your smart watches and fitness trackers are always prone to be scratched because there are no purpose designed screen protections for them. You might unknowingly wear your fitness tracker into the shower and destroy it because it didn’t have a water resistant protection on the screen. Your smart watch screen may get covered in mist when you’ll walk out of an air conditioned room in the summer and as a result you’ll face delayed gadget response.

Enough! Enters Shark Proof the world’s premium pure Liquid Glass Manufacturer brings you a 100% invisible, bubble free and easy to apply liquid glass protection for smart watches and fitness trackers. Shark Proof not only makes your smart watch water and scratch resistant, it is applicable to any watch be it analog or smart, no matter the size, shape or brand of the watch. The nano particles of liquid glass protection fill in the spaces in the glass surface, making it highly resistant to scratches and shocks. This liquid glass provided in a wipe format for added convenience and a perfect, sleek and glossy finishing. The honeycomb effect created by the bonding liquid prevents germs and bacteria to adhere to the surface of your watch’s screen.

Shark Proof, thinner than a human hair, protects the front and back of your wearable device including sensors and port areas. Our liquid glass bonds to your glass surface, giving it a ‘double glazing’ effect – Glass on Glass, which is transparent, enhances clarity and smooth feel, reduces fingerprints and is wholly liquid repellent.

Whether your watch is Samsung or LG, Rolex or Omega, grab your Shark Proof liquid glass screen protector and give your smart watch a 9H scratch resistance.

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