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Smartphone Screen protector

Smartphones are an investment. Just like any other investment in real life, you want to decrease your chances of incurring a loss and make sure that the value of your investment does not depreciate. Smartphones are delicate by nature. They are in constant use and need to be taken care of vigilantly. This care is not possible given the vast amount of time that people spend using their phone and the fact that humans are generically careless species. There is a need for external protection of a smartphone which has given rise to the popular use of screen and body protectors.

Body protectors are simple in nature. They are either hard or soft and come in all shapes and sizes. They are also easier to design, manufacture and apply. The variety of colors and designs that body protectors exist in nowadays cannot be put to numbers.

Screen protectors on the other hand, are not only hard to design and manufacture, but they have to have a specific quality. Smartphones are touch sensitive and our touch is the input to all smartphone operations. It is necessary that screen protectors allow that touch to be carried to the underlying layer of sensitive semiconductors and at the same time protect the original screen from any and all sorts of scratches, impact forces, water and residual prints.

There are three basic kinds of screen protectors, namely PET, TPU and Tempered glass. PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate and this happens to be the most common of the bunch. It is flexible, thin and cheap providing you scratch resisting screen protection but with the ultimate drawback of having no resistance to impact force.

TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane. These screen protectors are enhanced plastics that are not only scratch resistant, but UV resistant, more flexible and most importantly provide impact resistance. This impact resistance may be limited but for a slightly higher price, chances shift in your favor that your screen will not be damaged.

Finally Tempered glass protectors are the new and most advanced glass protector s being commonly used out there. With the added qualities of TPU protectors, glass protectors have better light transmittance and better reflection reducing capabilities. The glass also has immense endurance against impact and shatters into tiny pieces in case of a fatal drop, saving you from the ultimate loss of a broken screen. Although they are more expensive than PET and TPU glass, their cost is still cheaper compared to buying a replacement screen for your smartphone.

Verdict: When it comes to having an insurance policy, it is always best to go with the one that provides the most quality even if it comes with an added price. Glass protectors not only provide a clearer screen display but also protect your smartphone against impact forces and other types of scratches. Glass protectors are the way to go; its money well spent to save your larger investment.