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Your smartphone is definitely one tech device your hands are exposed to the most in a day. Although you think that it is clean, it actually is not. Our hands are always contaminated with germs that transfer to our screens.

Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat?

It is true that our smartphone picks up germs from wherever it is taken to. According to a survey, the mobile phone screens are ten times dirtier than a toilet seat. Your sparkling phone screen might look clean from the surface, but in reality, it is covered with a layer of germs and bacteria that can be very jeopardizing to the health of the phone user. From streptococcus to E Coli and many other diseases, which you cannot even pronounce, are residing on the screens of your phone.

With the bacteria on your phone’s screen, you are at the risk of getting Typhoid!

With the bacteria on your phone’s screen, you are at the risk of getting Typhoid

The germs and bacteria on the screen can affect us in many ways. This could include just a mild irritation on the skin or something as serious as life-threatening diseases like Typhoid, TB or Syphilis etc. The effects of these bacteria can be all the more dangerous on kids.

Your Phone Needs Some Cleaning on The Surface too!

To protect yourself and kids from ending up with a disease picked up from the bacteria on your phone screen, it is best to keep your phone clean and safe. This will not only cut down your chances of coming in contact with bacteria but also save your phone from any potential damage on the screen. And in order to do so, we suggest you to Shark Poof your device.

Shark Proof. The Refuge Against Germs and Bacteria!

Shark Proof The Refuge Against Germs and Bacteria

Shark Proof liquid glass protector does not just ensure the safety of the phone screen, but it also keeps the screen clean from any kind of bacteria. Shark Proof comes with a Nano Technology that primarily functions as a protective layer on the screen to combat any tough day and save the phone from getting any scrape and marks.

Huawei Y6

In addition to this, Shark Proof ascertains that the screen is 100% germs free and no bits of dust can remain on it. Its super developed Nano Technology provides an invisible layer of protection on the screen which is dustproof and capable to combat germs and bacteria.

Nano Technology is Water and Dust Repellent

The Nanotechnology maintains a crystal clear defensive layer on the screen that improves the surface of the screen to 9H hardness and makes it smooth and string. The glass cover is water repellent and has the capability to guard your device against any damage caused by liquid.

Use the powerful Shark Proof liquid protector your phone screen and on the screen of your kid’s console to call your devices completely germ free.

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