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Protect Your Expensive Car GPS Systems With Affordable Screen Protector

By May 10, 2016Buzz
car gps screen protector

Car GPS systems now plays an important in navigating your vehicle through busy streets of any city or rural areas anywhere in the world and helping you in order to reach your destination on time. Numerous models of satellite navigation system are available in the market such as Garmin, BMW X5 satellite navigation system, Mercedes C200 sat nav, TomTom, and other navigation equipments which comes in different sizes, features and designs. Moreover, finding an appropriate Car GPS screen protector can be hectic especially when each model has a unique blueprint and if you plan to upgrade your satellite system then you have to perform search process all over again.

By taking into account all of the above factors mentioned, Shark Proof brings to you nanotechnology based screen protector that is completely invisible to human eye and it fits all sizes, make and models. From Garmin Nuvi 55 LM to TomTom VIA 1505M to Mercedes C200 Sat Nav to BMW X5 navigator to any other model, car GPS screen protector from Shark can be applied easily on your device without any fuss or problem. Whether your vehicle GPS system has a 4 inch or 5 inch or 6 inch or 7 inch display screen, the invisible liquid can give your display glass all round protection without limiting any of its functionality.

screen protector for gps

No more scratches

Hundreds of vehicle GPS systems are damaged each year due to fingernails as they are able to scratch the delicate glass surface which makes the device unresponsive to commands entered by the user by using the touch screen feature. Film based screen protector does not provide the necessary protection unless it made for that specific model.

Conversely, Shark’s car GPS screen protector provides 9H hardness which gives glass screen the matchless ability to hold out against fingernails, pens and other razor sharp object that could result in destroying your tech. Moreover, single application of liquid protector on your vehicle navigation system can defend your gadget up to 2 years.

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Easy to Clean

Dust residue sticking on the screen can often cause scratches on the monitor when you’re cleaning your device with a piece of cloth as these particles graze the glass surface when they’re rubbed against the touch screen. Moreover, air bubbles are often formed on the display monitor that can ruin the visual appearance. Cleaning your screen by using alcohol or any other harsh chemical can damage the touch screen interface, and also harm the exterior body as it makes the color fade.

On the other hand, car GPS screen protector from Shark Proof can be cleaned effortlessly by using a micro fiber cloth which will remove any dust particles and fingerprints present on the device within few seconds. Furthermore, it also helps in maintaining and preserving the exterior of your tech.

garmin sat nav

Invisible to human eye

The nanotechnology liquid completely forms an invisible layer which cannot be detected by any human eye. Moreover, you’ll also be able to enjoy HD experience every time whenever you operate your useful tech. Since the liquid evenly forms on the surface it does not restrict any functionality and makes the device more responsive to touch.

Shark Compatible with all famous brands

Shark Proof’s car GPS screen protector can be applied to all renowned and well known brands with display screen up to 10.1 inch. Listed below are some of the most used satellite navigation systems by people all over the world and Shark is compatible with all of them

  • Garmin Nuvi 2689 LMT, Garmin Nuvi 3597LMTHD and other models from Garmin
  • Pioneer AVIC 5000NEX and other latest designs from Pioneer
  • TomTom VIA 1505M, and all designs from TomTom
  • BMW X5 navigation system
  • Mercedes C200 Sat Nav
  • Schwinn CycleNav
  • Magellan SmartGPS, Magellan RoadMate 9055-LM
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