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Scratch Resistant, Liquid / Sweat / Grease Repellent, Anti Bacterial FRONT & BACK Protection for ALL Smart Watches and Regular Watches




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Protect Any Smart Watch Or Fitness Tracker Screen FRONT & BACK SENSORS. Making It 9H Scratch Resistant, Bacteria Free And Liquid Repellent Using Pure Liquid Glass. Lasts up to 1 Year


Gone are the days of stick-on screen protectors on your smartwatches, fit bit’s, trackers and wearables!!

With smaller size screens on your wearables means tougher glass with higher density, because of the varying glass density it becomes difficult for the screen protector to fit and glue itself properly on to the glass, more so given a little humidity or wet weather you’ll find curling around the edges and peeling off.

Smart Watches / Wearables / Fit Bit’s and so on are extremely prone to liquid attacks and moisture build up around the wearable, this is the number one cause for lagging, delayed responses and more so damage to the device. With Shark Proof you can now extend the life of the device, whether you have an Apple Watch, a Samsung Gear, an LG Watch or any brand Watch or Smart Watch for that matter! right from digital, analog, expensive Rolex’s and Omega’s to excellent Fit Bit Ionics and more, Shark Proof’s one liquid glass application which takes just minutes to apply will protect your device for up to 1 year and give you all the below properties!


  • Coat and Protect the front and back of your wearable device including sensors and port areas.
  • Compatible with all makes and models of smartwatches, watches, fitbit / personal trackers and wearables.
  • 100% Bubble Free, leaves no smear marks, and 100% Invisible.
  • Antibacterial & Germ Free, provides up to one year of Anti Microbial Protection.
  • Hydrophobic & Water Splash Repellent to all liquids, from rain to the spill.
  • Extra Tough Coating & Scratch Resistant, use your pay functions knowing you have security on your watch.
  • A clear screen without any residue.
  • Single Coating Lasts Up to 1 year.
  • 100% Product of the EU, Packed and Processed and QC approved down to every single pack.


Everything you need to make your smartwatch, watch and fitness tracker protected from the elements


Nano Technology

The Nano Technology is super scratch resistant and yet still provides a hardness rating that rivals most other forms of device screen protection. With the Invisible features of Shark Proof there is no obtrusive screen protector therefore Shark Proof allows you to have a screen protector that can be used with any case. The world’s toughest grade nanotechnology. Extra tough coating, stronger than traditional screen protectors.



Clear Glossy Screen

In addition to, we have included a Smart Sticker Cleaner that can be stuck on to the reverse of your device to enable a smear free polish clean whenever required. Always retain a clear screen without any residue left.


Any Device (Even your Apple Watch)

Shark-Proof can be applied to all kinds of screens, Satellite Navigation systems, Medical equipment, and children’s educational toys. The list is endless.

Don’t risk your smartphone, tablet or Smart Watch screen get covered by Shark-Proof today


Box Contains

Your Shark Proof SP3 Smart Watch / Watch and Fitness Tracker Protector pack contain

1 x Microfibre Clot

1 x Cleaner Primer / 1 x Liquid Glass Sachet

1 x Manual


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We would love to hear from you if you any other questions, application support or if you would like to apply Shark Proof to products not listed, please feel free to reach us on hello@shark-proof.com with your questions and we'll aim to respond within 24 hours.