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Defend Asus ZenWatch 2 Against Scratches, Grazes & Abrasions

By July 26, 2016Buzz
Asus ZenWatch 2 protector

Asus ZenWatch 2 with its infinite number of design took smart watches market by storm when the curvy designed watch instantly became an overnight hit among smart watch users. With its comfortable fit, affordable price tag along with iPhone compatibility has made this smart device far better than expected.

Asus ZenWatch 2 comes with a silver dial along with buckle style leather band which makes it very convenient to wear the watch without any problem. The watch is available in two different sizes, the bigger size is designed for broad wrist while the smaller version is best suited for women since females tend to have smaller wrist as compared to men.

In terms of display, the AMOLED glass screen comes with 273ppi which gives a decent display to the users. The glass surface is made up from Gorilla Glass 3 which is the best material to add more durability to the second generation smart watch. Moreover, the glass screen is about 1.45 inches which is slightly smaller in size as compared to earlier models introduced by Asus.

The best thing about smaller screen size is that there is no pixilation and you can easily use multiple applications such as Google Maps, EBay, Amazon and other types of specific apps without any hassle. Furthermore, there are specific health oriented applications which automatically monitor’s the number of steps taken by the wearer. Plus, it constantly observes user’s blood pressure which makes it very handy and useful.

Even though Asus ZenWatch 2 has multiple features and functionalities but this delicate smart watch is still exposed to brutal environment and the glass surface can be easily damaged if proper care is not taken by the users. Moreover, you can liquid screen protector by Shark Proof which will make sure that your next generation watch is protected at all times from harsh environment. The nanotechnology liquid creates a layer of 9H hardness which makes sure that sharp objects such as pen, pencil and keys are not able to penetrate through the protective layer.

In addition Shark Proof is the best Asus ZenWatch 2 protector as it does not add any significant to weight to timepiece and it is as light as a feather. The nanotechnology liquid also helps to fight germ and bacteria as the liquid prevents further growth of microorganism on the glass surface after the application liquid screen protector.

Compared to other types of screen protector, application of Shark is very easy and simple. All the user needs to do is follow simple guidelines provided in the product packaging and the will have a fully protected smart watch within no time. Moreover, Shark also enhances the view experience as the nanotechnology liquid also has anti-glare properties so when the user is out in the sun he/she does not have to worry about sunlight distorting the display.

In a nutshell, Shark Proof offers an ideal solution in the form of nanotechnology screen protector which will defend your Asus ZenWatch 2 up to 2 years.

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