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Economical Liquid Glass Screen Protector is more than just an ordinary protector

By March 8, 2016Buzz
liquid glass screen protector shark proof

Every person nowadays owns a smart device whether it is an iPad, or Samsung tablet or Apple’s smart watch or any other similar device. These intelligent devices are powerful but they are also fragile at the same time which raises an important question that is how users are protecting their smart equipment?

An independent research was conducted related to mobile phone repairs and the result was very surprising. The research reported that around $23.5 billion dollar was spent by consumers in order to repair their smart phones. Another interesting fact mentioned in the report was that around $11.75 billion dollar was spent on iPhone maintenance in United States which comprises of half repair budget. The research also showed that 50% of young adults belonging to age group of 35 are more likely to damage their smart phone within first 12 months.

Furthermore, the odds of getting your smart phone stolen or misplaced are ten times less as compared to getting your smart phone damaged due to scratches or hard impact on the floor. Women using tablet or MacBook Pro or iPad often damage their device by keeping it their hand bag which can result in scratches and smudges. Moreover, cracks present on the display can cause users difficulty in reading text on the smart screen and it can also create problems for users when they are using an application.

Features of Liquid Glass Screen Protector

Liquid Glass Screen Protector is a nanotechnology based screen protector that provides display screen 9H hardness without affecting the visual appearance of tablets or smart phones. Moreover, compared to expensive leather based tablet covers it does not ruin the original design of tablets instead it adds a high gloss finish which further enhances the beauty of device. Consumers who are style conscious for them invisible liquid is an excellent option since it is undetectable to human eye.

Installing liquid glass screen protector as compared to traditional plastic protector is also very simple. Unlike traditional plastic coating where you have to carefully place the protective coating otherwise air bubbles would appear on the glass screen. On the other hand, invisible liquid will never develop air bubbles on screen and it will offer protection up to 2 years.

Furthermore, after the application of invisible liquid, the display surface not only becomes scratch resistant but it also acquires oleo-phobic property which means that water is not able to stay on the glass and it repels water. So next time when you are using your brand new iPhone or iPad with wet hands you will not have any problem in operating your smart phone or tablet.
Liquid Glass Screen Protector by Shark Proof cost £14.99 only, and if we compare the price of screen protector with an average repair cost for screen which is around £100 then it is crystal clear that Shark Proof is a better option. In addition to, Shark Proof also offer free shipment to its customers present all over United Kingdom, and delivers the product at their doorstep which makes it even more convenient.

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