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Five astonishing Features You May Not Have Known Your Smartphone Can Do!

By February 8, 2016Buzz
5 features of smartphones

Smartphones have become an important part of our daily lives and its role has evolved from simple communication device. Nowadays, there are millions, and millions of mobile applications that are designed to perform specific functions and it has become a central hub for various activities. Most of the people have been using their latest technologically advance Smartphone for just making phone calls, video conferencing, browsing, sending text messages and so on but these phones can do more than just these simple task. Here are few sophisticated features that you might have not known about your smart communication devices can do

control temperature of house

Manage Thermostat

Those of you who have the latest thermostat system installed at your house can control the temperature of your house with just a push of button. However, you have to walk inside the house in order to make it cooler. Now there is an app that links your smartphone with the thermostat system so that you don’t have to enter a house with warm temperature, you can adjust the temperature from your iphone 6s without any problem. Furthermore, these mobile applications also provide monthly energy reports and also learn your schedule.

turning on lights through smart phone

Switching Lights

When you are lying down on your cozy bed after coming from work, and you don’t have the energy to turn on or off the lights. At this time, there an app for that you can install on your smart device. All you need to do is replace your existing lights with smart lights. It can be synced easily with iphone 6s or any other type of smart phone. Furthermore, if you left your home and forgot to turn off the lights now you can just push the button on your screen and the lights will be off. In addition to, this app also allow users to set specific time schedule to turn on the lights.

Measure speed, distance of an object

Measure speed

Have you ever wondered to get your hands on scanners used by the police department to determine the speed of car or a device which could measure the speed of incoming object such as cricket ball or baseball? . With your smart phone, now you can measure the speed, distance and height of an object that is moving or stationary. By using the camera as an input medium, smart phone is able to determine the exact speed, distance and height.

monitor your heart rate

Monitor Heart Rate

These days most of the people have a busy schedule and they do not get enough time to monitor their physical activities on a daily basis. Furthermore, smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S6 have now integrated features such as heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor which are a great tool for work out. It records the heart rate and keeps the record for more than two months. This feature is a great way to track physical activities.

Learning through images

Learn through Images

Previously it was very difficult to get knowledge about a place or a thing through picture but Google app has made it possible for the consumer to get detailed and accurate information through images. The Google app lets you search for images such as places, buildings, paintings and so on after that the app provides information about the thing. All you need to do is point your camera and the app will do rest of the work and provide real time information.

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