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Future of Screen Protection Technology in Italy

By August 2, 2016Buzz
Shark Proof and Divo in Italy signs distribution deal

Those days are over when we used simple plastic protectors to defend our mobile devices from the brutal objects such as pins, keys and other similar type of objects present in our home, office and most importantly our pockets.  Shark Proof, a leader in advance nanotechnology came up with a unique idea to protect mobile device from scratches by using military grade liquid screen protector which is completely invisible to human eyes.

Unlike other type of PET films available in the market comes with 3H hardness which is not strong enough to endure scratches and it provides minimal protection. Moreover, after you have installed PET film air bubbles would start appearing on your display which becomes very annoying especially when you’re browsing through social media such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

On the other hand, liquid screen protector introduced by Shark Proof comes with 9H hardness which can easily withstand scratches and makes sure that your smart phone does not fall victim to those sharp object. Moreover, after the application of nanotechnology liquid, you don’t need to ever worry about air bubbles. The molecular structure of nanotechnology liquid prevents formation of air bubbles so that you can enjoy the best viewing experience.

Moreover, if you’re thinking about switching to next generation screen protection technology in that case you can go for liquid protector and you will not be disappointed. This liquid can literally be applied on all types of media devices up to 10.1 inch display and you can even apply it on your DSLR camera lens without any problem. Plus, if you’re residing in Italy then you could directly purchase liquid screen protector from Divo in Italy at an extremely economical price.

The best thing about using shark Proof liquid screen protector is that it also comes with anti glare properties which makes sure that you don’t have to find a shade or a perfect spot when you go out in the sun and you can always have a crystal clear display every time.  Plus, the nanotechnology liquid also creates a layer which is splash resistant meaning that water will stick on the surface and it will simply slide away from the surface and you can also operate your mobile phones with wet hand which is really awesome considering wet hands can be nuance if you have to attend a call or write an important message.

Once the liquid is properly applied on the glass surface it can also prevent growth of bacteria and micro-organism. The molecular structure is so small that it stops the growth of bacteria and you don’t have to think twice about handing your phone to your friends (unless you don’t want them to read something private). Shark Proof liquid screen protector has tested in laboratory and it can kill up to 99.99% of bacteria which can cause various stomach illnesses.

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