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Get the Best of Both Worlds with Liquid Glass Screen Protector

By June 28, 2016Buzz
liquid glass screen protector

If you already have used any kind of screen protector for your mobile devices whether it is a tempered glass or PET film in order to defend your device from scratches and scuffs, you might have noticed that these phone cases do not provide proper protection.

Tempered glass comes with 9H hardness and it is able to prevent scratches and smudges from the glass surface. However, under pressure these so called glass protector can crack since they are not very flexible. On the other hand, PET film or plastic protector is very flexible so it does not crack or chip off under pressure. But, it comes with 3H or 4H hardness which means that your phone screen will eventually get scratches and scuffs on it. Plus plastic protector do not have any oleo-phobic coating which means fingerprints will be attracted like magnets on the surface.

Moreover, Shark Proof’s Liquid Glass Screen Protector combines the positive features of both types of protector by using nanotechnology to create a premium hybrid protection tool that not only provides complete defense from all kind of scratches, and grazes but it also forms oleo-phobic coating on the glass surface, like tempered glass, which helps to prevent smudges and stains.

One of the best aspects of using this liquid Glass screen protector is that it is not restricted to any particular model or brand. Consider for example If you have purchased a toughened glass for LG G5 you will still find some of the glass surface might be left exposed, and it does not properly fit around the edges. With Shark Proof, you don’t have to worry about these issues as the liquid automatically balances itself and makes sure that you always get maximum protection without limiting access to any function or feature.

Installing PET film or toughened glass can be a challenge for most of the people, since you have to find a clean spot where there are no dust particles, and after that you need to follow complicated guideline in order to correctly install the protector otherwise, air bubble would appear on the glass surface which would create unpleasant viewing experience. In contrast, installing liquid glass screen protector is a piece of cake and the process is so easy and simple that even a 7 year old child can install it. Plus, air bubbles are never formed on the glass surface after the application of nanotechnology liquid.

Furthermore, when it comes down to pricing, Shark Proof is a very economical protection solution without costing the earth. Besides, Shark will always offer non-stop defense to your mobile device or any other smart device up to 2 years. Most types of the protectors are available in the market for $35 and above plus, these protection tools do not offer numerous features to everyday user.

In a nutshell, Shark Proof perfectly combines the best of both worlds to create an amazing protection tool that can be used on all type of smart devices with display screen up to 10.1 inch.

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