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Get Crystal Clear Display on Your Kindle Fire with Shark Proof

By July 4, 2016Buzz
kindle fire screen protector

If you are already a proud owner of Amazon’s Kindle Fire in that case you would exactly know it is more than just another android computer tablet. Amazon’s Kindle Fire is an excellent E-Book reader that provides you a comfortable reading experience and it is equipped with a beautifully designed 7 inch IPS display screen. The devices comes with front and rear facing cameras and the best thing about it is that whenever you take a picture from your device it will automatically save the picture on free cloud storage network.

Moreover, this astounding tablet can do more than just provide you a great reading experience and if you happen to be a prime member then you can enjoy various features on your android tablet such as you get access to unlimited streaming, view millions of movies, listen to your favorite music, play latest games, watch new TV episodes, use cool applications, have free access to kindle book for a month, and so much more.

You can also use Amazon Underground with your Kindle Fire which offers an exceptional app store experience. There are in-app purchase options, 100% free games with unlocked levels, extra lives, no time restriction, and so on. Plus, you can create multiple profiles on your kindle, and it also has a parental control option so that you don’t have to worry about your children accessing inappropriate content.

Apply Liquid Glass Screen Protector and Don’t let the fun end on your Kindle Fire

Even though Kindle Fire is a cool gaming machine and an amazing e-book reader but, when it comes to down smudges and scratches, the IPS display screen can easily be damaged by sharp objects such as pens or pencils or key chains.

Besides, dust build on the glass surface can also create many problems for you especially when you’re reading an e-book or watching a movie or playing a video game. Plus, cleaning can also become a hectic process as dust residue can often leave scratch marks on the screen if it is not cleaned properly.

Liquid glass screen protector made by Shark Proof is an ideal Kindle Fire Screen Protector which does not restrict access to any features or functions and you can always play video games or read e-books without any hassle. The liquid is designed by using nanotechnology which forms up to 9H hardness layer around the IPS glass surface, and the most excellent part about nanotechnology liquid is that it is completely invisible to human eye.

Unlike traditional Kindle Fire Screen Protector, liquid glass screen protector does not add any significant weight to your tablet and you can also apply the liquid on the front and rear cameras as well. Once Shark Proof’s nanotechnology liquid is applied on your Kindle, it will leave a high gloss finish on the glass screen, and it will protect your device up to 2 years from all types of scratches, grazes, smudges and abrasions without any problem.

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