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Get Liquid Screen Protection for your new iPhone SE

By April 5, 2016Buzz
Protect your iPhone SE

Last month Apple introduced another masterpiece product known as iPhone SE which managed to raise a lot of eyebrows in the market. The new iPhone SE comes with a powerful A9 processing unit and 4 inch retina display screen that appears to have same beautiful and sleek design as iPhone 5S but it has the internal capabilities of iPhone 6s resulting in high quality device at an affordable price for iOS users.

Presently, no smart phone manufacturer apart from Sony even thinks about crafting a high-end phone with display screen less than 5 inches up till now when Apple reverted back to compact 4 inch phone that can easily be held in one hand. Moreover, if you’re among one of those people who did not buy iPhone 6S just because of the fact that its screen was too big and you were required to use both your hands in order to smoothly operate the device then this powerful phone is just perfect for you.

One of the amazing aspects of iPhone SE is its improved battery life as it can give up to 14 hours of talk time and 13 hours of internet use. Along with A9 advance chip, the M9 motion coprocessor is also integrated into the new iPhone SE which allows you to use fitness tracking applications effectively such as measuring footsteps, and distance. Surprisingly, the 4 inch smart phone has GPU which is three times faster than iPhone 5s. Moreover, using Siri has also become very simple and all you need do is just say “Hey Siri” without picking up the phone, and the app gets activated instantly. Apart from great processing capabilities, the latest smart phone from Apple has an integrated 12 mega pixel camera which is great for capturing sharp, detailed still photos with sound and movement.

Use Liquid Screen Protection

Even though your brand new iPhone SE is powerful and faster in terms of performance yet, the retina display screen is still prone to dust, scratches and smudges. Presently, there are no plastic screen protectors available in the market that can protect your new phone from harsh environment as 4 inch display screen are usually not found in high-end smart phones.

By harnessing the power of nano-technology, Shark Proof’s liquid screen protector forms an invisible layer which protects the fragile glass screen from sharp object such as pens, pencils and other such type of instruments. In addition to, oleo-coating also repels water and germs from the surface as the structure does not permit any type of liquid to pass through it unless its molecular structure is smaller than nano-technology liquid.

If you have already used a plastic protector in past then you exactly know how difficult it can be to apply a protector without any air bubbles. Firstly, you will need to find a place where is no dust present and then use the stickers to place the screen protector perfectly on the glass surface. This can be a very long and time consuming procedure. In contrast, application of liquid screen protector does not consume a lot of time and within few minutes your device can be fully protected against all sorts of germs, dust particles, smudges and fingerprints.

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