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Give Protection to your HTC One M9 with Shark Proof

By June 21, 2016Buzz
htc one m9 screen protector

The new breed of smart phones launched by HTC last year, took everyone by storm in the market. The HTC One M9 comes with a beautifully crafted body and powerful processors that makes this device totally unique as compared to other smart phones. However, if we compare HTC One M9 with its predecessors such as M8, then in term of design it is almost visually similar apart from some minor changes.

Moreover, the phone is designed in such a way that it provides better grip, and it can easily be held in one hand without any difficult or problem as compared to other mobile devices with a curved body such as iPhone 6S. The two-tone design completely makes the HTC handset standout from the rest of phones, the color options which are available in this phone are gold on silver, gold on gold, and gun metal on grey.

Furthermore, HTC One M9 is almost 0.2mm thicker than its previous models, and it weighs around 157 grams only which makes it very easy to carry around the phone. The smart phone utilizes Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and Super LCD 3 along with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. This enables the 5 inch screen phone with pixel density of 441ppi to provide sharper text and images experience to the user. The super LCD 3 technology also offers a great movie viewing experience especially when you’re watching a horror movie or a dark scene which appears to be more deep and convincing on the 5 inch screen.

Even though the phone provides great viewing experience but glare issues are present on it especially when you’re going out in the sun. Nevertheless, this problem can be easily eliminated by using state of the art Liquid Screen Protector which comes with anti-glare properties. The nanotechnology liquid will take care of reflective issues so that you don’t have to search for finding the right angles out in the sun.

The best thing about this handset is its high quality front stereo speakers and Dolby sound plus if you’re watching a motion picture then you could literally hear all the background music in detail which are being played in that movie. It would be pretty safe to say that there is no other smartphone quite like HTC One M9.

Even though HTC is a great smart device with numerous functionalities and features but when it comes down to protecting the phone without restricting any functions then Shark is the only option. Tempered glass or plastic protector usually covers the front stereo speakers which can affect the audio quality significantly.

On the other hand, liquid screen protector fully protects the glass screen without limiting any functions. The nanotechnology liquid is completely invisible to human eye and it provides 9H hardness to glass surface which means that phone is able to withstand minor scratches, grazes, and abrasions. Moreover, it also gives off a high gloss finish, once the liquid is applied on the glass surface.

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