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GPS Systems & Sat Nav Screen Protector – Maintain sensitivity of the touch screen

By December 18, 2015Buzz
Sat Nav Screen Protector

Nowadays, imagining our lives without Sat Nav & GPS systems have become nearly impossible. We have been using these tools in our daily routines in order to reach our new destination on time. They have become our reliable buddies for exploring new territories and regions. Sat Nav and GPS systems are expensive equipment, and many manufactures of these devices do not offer any warranty for the screen damage therefore, Sat Nav screen protector has become necessary for the safety of the glass surface. Moreover, Sat Nav screen is prone to damages that can be caused by scratches and dust particles.
Traditional screen protectors available in the market forSat Nav and GPS systems have certain limitations such as those instrument reduces the sensitivity of touch screen. If you havealready used a traditional screen protector then you would know that pressing the right button can be a hectic task consider for example if you are typing “Y” it will input “T” and therefore it defeats the purpose of your device that is to provide timely information. Installing such type of Sat Nav screen protector directly hinders the performance.
Shark Proof’s Sat Nav protector is an invisible liquid shield that can be applied easily on any glass surface without damaging the interface of the device.One time application of this product can give protection to your device up to 2 years and you can keep your touch screen in excellent condition. Protective liquid can be used on all brands such as TomTom, Garmin, Pioneer, Next Base, and other such brands so basically Shark Proof’s product is ideal for any type of car satellite navigation system whether you have a “Garmin Nuvi 55 LM”, or “Pioneer FH-X720BT”, or “Next Base car 7”, Shark Proof has the perfect solution for all your touch screen problems.
Another peculiarity of Sat Nav screen protector is that air bubbles are never formed on the glass surface of Sat Nav or GPS systems as compared to traditional protectors where air bubbles begins to appear on the device’s screen within few weeks after the product is installed.
In addition to, Sat Nav protectorby Shark Proof provides best protection against dust and it avert signs of wear due to frequent finger taps. Nanotechnology based liquid does not allow any type of dust to settle down on the screen. After the application of protective liquid, touch screen has high gloss finish and anti-glare properties which enhances the visibility and clarity of the screen.
Moreover, if you are planning a road trip then you would be having your meals in the car which means that when you use your navigation system there is a high chance that germs might be transferred to you via touch screen however, if liquid protector is applied on the device then it has anti-bacterial characteristics which can eliminate microorganisms from the surface. Protective liquid also acts as a water repellent as molecular structure of nanotechnology liquid does not permit water to pass through it. In a nutshell, if you want to protect and extend the life of your Sat Nav and GPS device then Shark Proof’s liquid protector is the best way to safe guard your investment.
Key Features:
• Any Sat Nav & GPS Device such as Garmin, TomTom, Next Base, Pioneer
• 100 % bubbles free
• Anti-scratch
• Anti-glare
• Anti-bacterial
• Water repellent

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