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Innovative Screen protector defends medical equipment against germs & scratches

By December 29, 2015Buzz
Screen Protector for Medical Equipment

Equipment present in health care environment such as patient monitoring devices, mobile phones, &electronic documentation systems are continuously exposed to several types of germs, and these microorganisms make glass screen their new habitat for transferring pathogenic bacteria to humans.Shark Proof’s Screen Protector which is designed using liquid nanotechnology offers nonstop protection against glare, finger print, and can be used for combating germs in hospital settings.

Benefits of Shark Proof Screen Protector

• Any type of Medical Equipment’s Screen
• 100% Bubble Free
• Anti-Glare
• Anti-Bacterial
• Scratch Resistant
• Water Repellent
• High Gloss Finish

Nanotechnology based Screen Protector has an additional advantage of added coating which helps in preventing medical devices from abrasion and erosion while eliminating germs from the screen. The invisible liquid can be applied to any LCD or LED or plasma screens without damaging the interface. Many brands offer traditional screen protectors that are custom made for specific models which means that there is no such thing as one size fits all and those protectors can also limit functionality of medical equipment.

Furthermore, if medical equipment are present near a window then sunlight or room light can also cause glare or reflection on the glass surface which makes it harder for people to read the information on screen. Standard protector does not have any anti-bacterial properties and they mostly transmit pathogenic bacteria upon human contact. Various research have been conducted which shows that these medical equipment have loads of bacteria on them. However, by using liquid protector, germs can be completely removed from glass surface without worrying about any other thing else.
Application of nanotechnology Screen Protector on medical devices is a very simple and easy process. Simply use micro fiber cloth to wipe the entire screen so that any dust particles present on the screen will be removed. Apply the cleaner on any LED or LCD or plasma display,and wait until the liquid is dried. After that apply nano applicator on the whole screen and use microfiber cloth to buff the screen. The whole process is not very time consuming and it will offer protection for medical equipment up to two years.

Unlike conventional protectors, medical devices which are protected using shark Proof does not develop any air bubbles. Furthermore, it also leaves a high gloss finish and enhances the visibility of screen. Dust particles does not settle down on the screen and cleaning the surface does not take any time. Water droplets or any other types of liquid does not stay on the screen it simply slips away so medical workers do not have to worry about water spills.
Moreover, Shark Proof’s protector is the best way to safe guard investment since these equipment are very expensive, and if the glass screen is damaged then it will cost hundreds of dollar to replace LED or LCD screen. Using this innovative product, medical devices can become scratch proof which means that there will be no scratches or marks.

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