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iPhone 7 with dual camera system might be a game-changer in smart phones industry

By March 1, 2016Buzz
iphone 7 might be a game changer

Rumors are speculating in the consumer electronic market around the new iPhone 7 model that will have cutting edge features, and potentially be a game changer. Apple is constantly known for creating out of the box products that have revolutionized the smartphone industry. Apple plans to launch the new smart phone within few months, and it is anticipated that iPhone 7 model will have a dual camera aspect with image stabilization and optical zoom functionality that will be based on technology acquired from LinX.

Normally, images that are captured using zoom function have high level of noise, and its visibility is not that clear or crisp as it is too much for a single camera lens to handle. Moreover, dual camera functionality will allow users to take high quality images with precise details while using the zoom functionality without any noise and they will be able to get more out of their smartphones.

Another gossip which is revolving around the new iPhone 7 is that it will have water resistance and shatterproof characteristics as so many mobile phone users often drop their phones in water or accidentally spill water on the glass surface or shatter the glass screen by dropping their phone on floor causing the device to be damaged permanently. With these new features, Apple will give tough competition to its major rival such as Samsung, Sony, and other telecommunication companies.

Liquid Screen Protector by Shark Proof and iPhone 7 go hand in hand

Even though the latest smart phone model introduced by Apple will be shatterproof but it will still be prone to scratches, dust and germs. The technology used in the phone will prevent the phone from being shattered but instruments such as key chains or sharp objects can cause scratches on the surface of the glass screen which cannot be prevented unless proper protection is applied.

Traditional screen protectors are not the best way to secure investment as these devices are expensive and tempered glass do not offer maximum protection against all types of scratches or germs. Users presently using tempered glass often complain about air bubbles appearing on the screen which diminishes the output quality significantly. Moreover, camera lens are not fully protected and they can be damaged easily.

On the other hand, liquid screen protector offers more than just simple protection. The invisible layer not only prevent scratches on the surface but it also fight germs. The invisible nano-liquid layer completely eliminates bacteria from the surface of glass screen and ensures that germs are not transferred upon human contact.

In addition to, the liquid protector can also keep dual camera secure as it forms a very thin layer and gives up to 9H hardness. Cleaning the phone does not consume a lot of time after the liquid is applied on the device. Microfiber cloth present in the package cleans the surface smoothly and effectively without leaving a trace of scratches or dust or germs.

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