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Keep On Enjoying 3D Experience On Your Device With Shark Proof

By July 19, 2016Buzz
Shark proof liquid screen protectors for all phones, tablets and laptops.

If you’re looking for the best 3D experience in that case Samsung SSG-5100GB delivers unbeatable performance which brings your entertainment to life. The fit over design makes this 3D glass extremely comfortable to wear whether you have a big or medium or small sized head. Besides, the flexible temple makes sure that you can easily wear this 3D glass on the top of your specs without any problem. Furthermore, compared to other brands this particular model from Samsung can provide up to 150 hours of battery time so that you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment on your favorite devices.
Superior quality glass lenses are used in crafting Samsung SSG-5100GB which helps to deliver true 3D experience. Even though these glasses are in perfect harmony with each other but they are still to prone to scratches and smudges which can be caused by sharp objects or dirty surfaces. Even if you have kept your glasses in protective casing, dust will usually find its way to the lens of your glasses in no time which can blur the viewing experience.
Furthermore, numerous protectors are available in the market which makes your device too bulky or they do not fit properly. On the other hand, Shark Proof’s nanotechnology based liquid makes a perfect Samsung SSG-5100GB protector which not only aids in preventing scratches but it also makes cleaning process very easy and simple. All you need to do is simply use the sticker provided in product packaging to remove any dust particles without any hassle.
Fingerprints have been one of the most common problems with these glasses which can also result in scratches if proper care is not taken in cleaning the lens. The nanotechnology liquid forms an invisible protective layer of 9H hardness which makes sure that fingerprints or smudges do not stick on the glass surface and you will have a crystal clear lens. Plus, it makes the lens splash resistant so water molecules will simply slide away from the surface even if you touched your 3D glass with wet hands.
In addition to, after the application of liquid protector on Samsung SSGC-5100, it will fully protect your device up to 2 years. Plus, the application process is also very simple; the liquid automatically balances itself so you don’t need to worry about applying too much liquid on the lens. Besides, this nano-technology based liquid from Shark Proof is not limited to any particular model or brand as you can apply it on any type of 3D glass whether it is a Real 3D Glass or iPhone 3D glass.
The best thing about using Samsung SSG-5100 protector from Shark Proof is that it does not add any weight to the gadget and you will never notice any type of protector is applied on the surface. Besides, it will also help you in maintaining the excellent condition of your tech without any hiccups.

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