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LG G5 is ready to be launched and it wants to change everything

By April 25, 2016Buzz
LG G5 is ready to change everything

LG plans to make a huge bang in the consumer marketplace with its latest G5 smartphone model. This impressive handset appears to be one of a kind, and perhaps, it is safe to say that there is no other phone on the market quite like LG G5. This remarkable phone set is more than just another rectangular handset, and it will be making its debut this month in United Kingdom.

As mentioned earlier, LG G5 is a completely different creature as compared to its predecessor like the G4 launched last year. The latest smartphone model from LG is based on a totally unique design and different type of materials, and production techniques are used to build it. In terms of software, the phone uses a new design language along with modular component installed at bottom of phone.

Overall this beast has a smooth finish with no lines breaking up the chassis of phone and it uses a beveled glass screen with 5.3 inch QHD display screen and it has a pixel density of 554 ppi. The fingerprint scanner feature present on the back is another innovative function that has differentiated this phone from other flagship brands. LG G5 utilizes type C charging port which quickly refills the battery in shortest amount of time and transfers the data swiftly.

Furthermore, modular facet of this smartphone appears to be its biggest selling point, and this feature can be accessed by pressing a button present on the side of phone. You can remove the battery of phone, change memory cards and attach accessories to the device which interact with the phone such as camera, 32-bit DAC, amplifier unit, and LG 360 virtual reality headset.

Protecting 5.3 inch QHD display screen with Liquid Screen Protector

Even though this fantastic smartphone appears to be very best in the industry however, beveled glass screen used on the front is still prone to scratches, smudges and germs. Moreover, liquid screen protector from Shark Proof can be used to eliminate all these problems. The liquid forms an invisible protection layer around the glass surface which does not break up the lines of chassis and it does not interfere with the modular functionality of smart device.

Plastic protector or screen protector usually covers the whole display, and it disrupt the modular function which means that you will have to take out your device from the case in order to use all the features properly. Plus plastic protector cannot fight against germs, and they become breeding ground for all sort of germs.

On the other liquid screen protector completely eliminates 99.9pc of microorganism and prevents growth of bacteria on beveled glass screen display. Furthermore, air bubbles are never formed on the surface and it secures your investment from scratches, grazes, and abrasions at large. Once the liquid screen protector from Shark Proof is applied on the glass surface it can protect your brand new LG G5 upto two years.

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