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Liquid screen protector is an ideal way to protect your expensive camera lens

By December 2, 2015Buzz

To begin with, a quality camera lens plays a vital role in taking great pictures for many decades, and it is a long term investment which needs to be protected against dust, scratches and water. A dirty camera lens can significantly affect the output of pictures taken. Cleaning camera lens can be a very hectic and time consuming task for many photographers. However, you can now safeguard your investment now by using shark proof’s liquid screen protector which will extend the life of your camera lens.

  • Keep your lens free from finger prints
  • One of the fundamentals related to camera lens protection is to make sure that there are no fingerprints or mark left on the lens since it diminishes image quality and it directly affects the performance of your camera. Moreover, after the application of nano-coating on the glass surface, liquid protector will keep your lens free from any sort of finger prints.

  • Get rid of unnecessary cleaning
  • Let’s face it when you will start using your gear it is going to get dirty since dust is everywhere and there is no such thing as a vacuum environment. Liquid protector will help you in keeping your lens safe from dust; you don’t have to clean your camera optics everyday moreover, there will be no physical contact between your hand and lens since the glass screen will be protected by nano-coating liquid. In addition to, if you are working in the field like a mountainous region you don’t have worry about cleaning the lens using some special solution all you need do is wipe your glass surface with a piece of micro fiber cloth and you are ready to take some great pictures.


  • Remove smudges completely
  • If smudges are present on the back of a camera lens it can drastically affect the image quality because camera’s rear is designed in such a way that light can narrowly pass through it. Smudges can hinder the light and create multiple spots on the images. Through liquid screen protector one can completely eliminate smudges and forget about low quality image. It will make your gear smudge free!

  • Water Repellent
  • One of the biggest advantages of using a liquid protector for camera lens protection is that it helps in repealing water. Presently, there is no liquid solution available in the market that offers water resistant properties. Shark Proof’s liquid screen protector not only defends your gear against dust but also repels water so, next time when you are in the field and near a seaside you don’t have to worry about getting water on the glass surface. However, it does not make your camera lens water proof.

  • Long lasting protection
  • Shark proof’s liquid protector will shield your lens from dust, scratches and smudges up to 2 years. All you need to do is clean the glass surface using micro fiber cloth and you will have a brand new lens every time. Liquid screen protector is inexpensive and can be applied to the gear easily without any hassle or fuss, just follow the simple instructions given on the product package and make your gear shark proof.

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