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Liquid Screen Protector: liquid that makes your screen as hard as a diamond

By November 23, 2015Buzz

Shark Proof has developed a ground breaking nanotechnology based liquid screen protector for all your media devices such as smart phones, tablets, wrist watches, laptop and other similar electronic devices. Liquid screen protector is an ideal and handy product for protection against smudges, dust, finger prints, and scratches.

If you are already using smart phones or tablets or any other electronic devices you would want to reduce the risk of scratches, and smudges. Moreover, you will be using some sort of protector to save your investment. The major problems with the plastic screen protection is that after few months it starts to develop air bubbles which leads to reduction in performance and sensitivity of touch phones. All smart phone coating products which are available in the market they have a disadvantage that coating should be applied in a vacuum environment which is nearly impossible.

Liquid Screen protector not only takes care of air bubbles but it does it so without diminishing the display of your smart phones or tablets. Nano-coating” liquid which is applied on the screen of your device is invisible to the naked eye and only you would know that it is present on your phone or tablet. Additionally, nano-coating” liquid protector enhances the durability of your phone, and makes the screen of your phone water repellent, however, it does not make your phone water proof.

Compared to the traditional protection devices other there this particular nano-coating technology will make your cellphone’s screen more durable and dust free furthermore, it is inexpensive and if you happen to change your cellphone then you don’t need to buy a another protector all you need to do is apply the liquid and keep your cellphone brand new forever.

Why our product is the best solution for all your electronic devices surface?

Liquid Protector: Easy to apply and 100% bubble free

Liquid Protector can be applied easily on all your electronic devices without any fuss or confusion. Watch the tutorial video on how to apply liquid protector and make your device dust free

Maintain high definition experience

Preserve the sharpness and vivid colors of your screen display with the innovative liquid protector designed especially for all glass screen protection. Enjoy the clarity and sharpness of your smart phone and other electronic devices!

Best Screen protector against dust protection

Eliminate finger prints, dust and smudges from your screen completely within few seconds. After applying liquid protector on your glass screen all you need to do is take a piece of cloth provided in your package and clean the surface. The product is state-of-the-art yet it is simple and easy to apply which makes it even more convenient.

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