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Outlook of Smart Phones: What’s coming our way in near future?

By January 28, 2016Buzz
outlook of smart phones

Over the years, with the advancement in information technology sector led to development of smart phones. Mobile phones evolved into smart phones and as the name suggest that they became smart to handle complex tasks within few seconds. Smart Phones were introduced into consumer market around two decades ago and revolutionized communication industry forever. Nowadays, smart phones are used for surfing the internet, listening to music, video conferencing and much more. These devices have been tailored made to fit into your pocket and help us stay connected with the rest of the world.
By looking at pace and development of features in smart phones it can be very hard to determine exactly what type of new features which will be introduced in those phones in next five or ten years. Here are few examples that will be a focal point in developing new generation smart phones.

Augmented Reality

Augment Reality or better known as “AR” uses real time data to provide accurate information. This feature works by user pointing out the camera at a particular location and it will show all the data related to it. For example if you are traveling to new a country or a city and if you want to find out where the local restaurant is situated all you need to do is point the camera at the location and it will display the relevant data such as restaurants, parks and so on. This feature basically utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) to facilitate location searches.

Flexible Screen

In near future we can expect that phone screen will be flexible. As during CES Show 2016, we saw that one of the top brands introduced a flexible TV that can be folded as well. Using OLED technology this feature can be implemented in these smart devices. But best screen protector brand needs to update their technology to match flexible screen. Presently, some telecommunication companies are conducting research to develop phones that can also be used a wrist watch and handset as well.

Voice Control

Voice control feature became popular in the last few years after siri was introduced in the market. Siri is a breakthrough in voice control feature that has surpassed previous voice recognition programs. Furthermore, natural language user interface will allow users to better operate their smart phone without using their fingers and it will bring better interactivity and take users to a new level.

3D Screens & Touch Sensitivity

Smart phones these days deliver screen resolution that is even sharper than human eye can perceive. Smart phones which are made by Apple has features such as retina display and 3D touch sensitivity which has already revolutionized cell phone market. Samsung has introduced AMOLED 3D which offers display in 3D.

Screen Protection

When Apple launched its iPhone 6s with 3D touch screen sensitivity feature, many best screen protector users complained that they are unable to use their iPhone 6s properly as those large screen protectors were directly affecting the performance of phone. On the other hand, wipe on liquid screen protector forms a thin layer which does not hinder the performance of phone and a user can operate iPhone 6s without any difficulty as compared to best screen protector.
It will be exciting to see how these new features will be incorporated in smart phones in coming years. However, one thing is certain that best screen protector will not work anymore and screen protection has to be evolved as well. Wipe on Liquid Screen Protector provides enhance protection and it is not restricted to any particular size or brand. The protective liquid can be applied easily without any problem.

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