We are Shark Proof

Square pegs in round holes. Shark Proof started off as an accident on a mobile phone, and a few years later here we are, the world’s leaders in Nano Technology, Pioneers in Liquid Glass Coatings. We develop superior, premium, ultra thin surface bonding coatings aimed at the Smart Device market. In other words, we create screen protection which comes in a Sachet, a bit like a handy wipe you’ll find at your local restaurant after a meal. Versatile, Unique – simply take out the wet wipe which is made with pure liquid glass (liquefied crystal sand) or SiO2 as it’s known scientifically.

So you could say, we specialise in playing with sand

Now here’s our background, our CEO is a finance veteran, our scientist is exactly how you would imagine a mad scientist, our sales director use to sell aeroplanes and a our back bone team which looks after everything from packaging to this awesome website lives off donuts and coffee and the insane amount of red bull. But it’s good, that’s what makes Shark Proof the worlds best in what we do.

We never compromise

In the marketplace when we started, there was just a handful of us, and we could have easily just worked with them, but we realised something, science does not have to be complicated, but our competitors made it complicated by compromising on quality and using Petroleum Substrates, liquid Alcohols by reducing the amount of Pure Liquid Glass (because its so expensive in pure form) and creating ‘liquid screen protectors’ instead of ‘Pure Liquid Glass Screen Protectors’ – the pure guys are us by the way, and yes we have the stickers to prove it.

Based out of the UK, working off laptops in the USA and everywhere else.

Our HQ is in Queen’s Country, UK, our warehouse (which is lovely) is in Watford, we have sales offices in Dallas, London, Dubai, Shenzen and few more propping up in a few more places.

We beat the rest and got the award for being Awesome.

We create excellent, premium quality liquid glass screen protectors which are used worldwide by hundreds of thousands of people. What will you protect?