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We Respect You And Your Data.

Data Protection

  • We do not store your financial information
  • We do not and will not share your data with any 3rd party companies – ever
  • We will only contact you for services, product updates and offers from within the Shark Proof network
  • We do not keep records of your personal information for more than necessary
  • We use a secured server to store the basic information, encrypted and secured to the best of our ability
  • We will notify you in the unlikely instance that there is a breach and what we are doing to resolve

We will always endeavour to work in the most lawful and ethical way to protect your information and abide by all practices and methods as outlined by governing laws.

If you have any particular questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@shark-proof.com highlighting your contact details.

Thank you.

Shark Proof Ltd