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We would love to hear from you if you any other questions, application support or if you would like to apply Shark Proof to products not listed, please feel free to reach us on hello@shark-proof.com with your questions and we'll aim to respond within 24 hours.

In Car Navigation / Display / LCD

Shark Proof is the world leader in Nanotechnology Liquid Glass protective coatings.
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ALL Smart Watches

Front and Back Protection for Smart Watches, Sensors and Ports on all watches protected without affecting the way your watch looks.
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All E-Readers, Kindles and E-Books

Protect your readers on the beach, non vision impairing and immediate protection, prolong the life of your products today.
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iPads, Tablets and POS Displays

Your tablets will be smear free, scratch and liquid / water repellent, bacteria resistant for up to a year. Creates an Easy Clean surface.
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Microsoft surface

Protect ANY Model of Surface, Pen / Style Friendly, Port resistant, keep your Surface screen as it should be.
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Game Consoles, Switch / PSPs

Protect ANY Console, Hand Held from accidently scratches, make them liquid repellent and ensure they perform as they should without affectign performance.
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POS display

Protect your business displays against all your day to day usage and prolong the life and functionality of their uses.
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Reading Glasses

Protect ANY Reading Glasses, Focal / Varifocals / Tint without affecting vision or optics and add scratch resistance, liquid repellent and less mist build up on the lenses.
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Ski Goggles

Ski Goggles, Goggles, Visors and Helmets. Protect ANY visual display eye covers against scratches, liquids, reduce msit and condensations and keep them bacteria free.
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Sunglasses, Mirror Lens

Protects ANY coated and uncoated Sunglasses! Ensure you protect before you go away on holiday, Beach and Sea Friendly!
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Baby Monitors

Protect all your monitors, dribble and bottle milk safe! Ensure you keep the visibility on cameras and monitors safe and protected against the babies!
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Home / Office Energy Monitors

Smart Monitors Protected against the daily excessive uses and ensures a bacteria resistant surface. ANY Size Monitors supported.
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