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What is Liquid Glass & How it Works

What is Liquid Glass and nano technology screen protector?

Engineering at a micro molecular scale, nanotechnology are tiny molecules which bond to create a micro liquid-glass layer surface over glass surfaces, which are invisible to the naked eye but are there to protect your surfaces from abrasions and scratches, because they are interconnected so tightly they prevent water from passing through, which makes the surface hydrophobic or water repellent, this will not make your device water proof, but splash resistant. At the same time the molecular structures are so tight it prevents germs from entering, repels oil and dirt, making your surface Oleo phobic.

Tiny bodyguards fixed onto your screen, protecting it from everyday use scratches from keys, pens, clothing and the accidental scratches. This pack of Shark Proof wipe-on liquid screen protector is sufficient for all smart phones and tablets up to 10.1” screen size for one device only.

Also contained is a unique formulated cleaner sticker to affix to the reverse of your device, peel and wipe clean your device surface, and re stick, and use again as needed, for up to 2 years. We are futurists, we like to imagine what could be, and we’ll create what is for tomorrow, today. We’d love to hear from you, please join us on our facebook page at with pictures, comments of what device your coating. This was all to introduce you to What is Liquid Glass and nano technology screen protector and you can contact us if want to clear any further clarification.


How does Liquid Glass Work?

Liquid Glass works as a invisible layer protecting your glass surface. Thinner than a human hair, measuring 0.0004mm in thickness, but providing such a smooth protective layer that it exceeds 9H Toughness Strength and BONDS to your Glass Layer. Glass on Glass. Creating a Honeycomb effect it does not allow Germs, Water, Bacteria, Liquids to pass through and at the same time creates a Gloss like sleek finish on your surface areas. Non Toxic, Eco Friendly and Safe to Use, it naturally wears away after about a year on your device.


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