Partner With Shark Proof

Partner with Shark Proof

Hundreds of Device Models being launched each year across Dozens of Brands. How do you keep up with Screen Protection?

When was the last time you truly delivered an innovative, new, exciting product range to your customers? When was the last time a truly exciting new, question and eye-brow raising product hit your shelves?
Shark Proof since its inception in 2015 has grown to serving over 15,000 retail locations worldwide, dozens of distribution channels and 3 core distribution centres in the UK, USA and EU serving a further mass of customers around the globe.

The Problem of stocking thousands of skus

The SOLUTION - with just one sku

5 Unique SKUs, Thousands of possibilities


Welcome To Shark Proof

Just wanted to say thank you for making Shark Proof the worlds number 1 in liquid glass wipe-on protection, with over 500,000 smart devices protected worldwide. Phones, Tablets, Laptops & MacBooks, even Sunglasses and Auto Windscreens, Shark Proof is the one protection with a multitude of protection ideas.




Laptop/Macbooks, Screens up to 24"


Smart Watches, Watches Front & Back


Sunglasses, Glasses & All Eyewear


Cars WindScreens & Windshields


Splash Resistant


100% Invisible Bubble free


Scratch Resistant


Anti Microbial


Extreme Hardness


Flat or Curved Screen

We are Shark Proof™ The Worlds Number ONE, Certified, Award Winning Universal Screen & Lens Protector Manufacturer.

5 SKUs and many more planned, we are proud to have become the worlds leading Nanotechnology Manufacturer, based out of the UK, with 100% manufacturing and production in the EU we only use the finest Liquid Glass for all our product range, ensuring quality, durability and strength.

Retail Ready, Wholesale Ready, Preferred White Label Partner of Choice. .

We supply our own principle brand as well as serve selected white label partners. Whatever your business needs, whether you are a single-unit retailer or multi-channel distributor we would be keen to here from you and are always excited to enter new markets around the globe.

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We added Shark Proof to our range in Q1 2016 - still going strong. Our stock anser is now always YES.
Ivica Crosta
CEO Solus

Who Stocks Our Products?

  • Mobile / Cell Accessories Retailers
  • Mobile / Cell Operators
  • Value Add Services Operators
  • Laptop / MacBook Retailers and Service Centres
  • Opticians
  • Sunglasses Retailers
  • Forecourt / Gas Station  Operators
  • ECommerce Sites – Dropshipping Available!
  • Distributors and Wholesalers
  • And so much more!


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30 days money back guarantee

100% Universal

Use on ANY Brand Device

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