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Scratch Resistant, Liquid Repellent, Anti Bacterial Wipe-On Protection for Glasses, Sunglasses, Goggles and Motorcycle Visors - Lasts for up to 12 Months!




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How much does your vision mean to you when wearing your specs?

Your expensive Glasses, focals, unifocals, varifocals, bifocals, or even your Sunglasses right up to Goggles, Helmet visors and Ski Goggles! Protect your eyewear now simply by applying the uniquely formulated Glass & Plastic Alloy mix prepared in our labs which bonds to the glasses lens layer, thinner than human hair but up to 9H strength.

Now you won’t have to worry about micro scratches, benefit from less mist and fog build up and have your specs anti microbial for up to a year!

  • Unique Plastic & Glass Alloy protective coating especially designed for glasses and eyewear
  • Wipe-On to ANY BRAND, MAKE or Size of Goggles, Specs or even Helmet Visors
  • Safe for use on latest VR Headsets and Smart Eyewear
  • 100% invisible, NON VISION IMPAIRING and 100% Bubble Free
  • 100% Product of the EU, manufactured, packed and exported from our very own warehouses.

Everything you need to protect your specs, can you afford to be without this protection?


Nano Technology

The Nano Technology is super scratch resistant and yet still provides a hardness rating that rivals most other forms of device screen protection. With the Invisible features of Shark-Proof there is no obtrusive screen protector therefore Shark-proof allows you to have a screen protector that can be used with any case. The world’s toughest grade nanotechnology. Extra tough coating, stronger than traditional screen protectors when you use Liquid Glass Wipe-On Screen Protection for ANY Glasses / Sunglasses / Visors and Lens Types.


Any Glasses, Sunglasses, Goggles or even Helmet Visors

With several years R&D into the plastic-glass alloy mixtures which are used to create all kinds of spectacles, glasses and goggles it was important to get it just right – and we have! Now you can have non vision impairing vision and know that there is security right there!


Pack Contains

Your SP4 Glasses, Sunglasses and Goggles Protector contains

1 x Microfibre Cloth

1 x Cleaner Primer & 1 x Liquid Glass Protector

1 x Manual


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We would love to hear from you if you any other questions, application support or if you would like to apply Shark Proof to products not listed, please feel free to reach us on hello@shark-proof.com with your questions and we'll aim to respond within 24 hours.