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Scratch Resistant, Liquid Repellent, Anti Bacterial for ALL Laptops, Macbooks, Large GPS / LCDs up to 24" Screen Size




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Protect Any Laptop Or MacBook Screen. Making It 9H Scratch Resistant, Bacteria Free And Liquid Repellent Using Pure Liquid Glass. Lasts up to 1 Year.

So you probably do not have a screen protector on your Laptop / MacBook right now, why? it is one of the most expensive displays that you have, it is crucial to your work, one slight damage and it will most likely render you dead until repaired! Bulky, sticking on is a pain, the larger scale stick on screen protectors means more bubbles – just some of the reasons why you don’t have a screen protector stuck to your screen!

No more!!

Liquid Glass Wipe-On Screen Protection for your Laptop, MacBook, E-Reader, Kindles – ANY Display up to 24″ is finally here!! Uniquely formulated Glass composition screen protection compound means you literally wipe on the screen protection, allow to dry – and it’s done. Giving you clarity of vision, assurance against micro scratches, water and liquid repellent, because we’ve all been there(!), and best of all – NO BUBBLES, 100% INVISIBLE.


Across the world laptop and macbook users are purchasing SP2 Shark Proof Liquid Screen Protection for their Laptop and MacBooks – because – IT MAKES SENSE TO PROTECT!

  • Covers all screens up to 24″
  • Compatible with all HTC, Samsung, Apple Watch, Huweii, HTC, Nokia, LG, Blackberry, Sony devices – ANY BRAND, ANY MAKE, ANY MODEL OF LAPTOP / MACBOOK!
  • 100% Bubble Free, leaves no smear marks, and Invisible
  • Antibacterial & Germ Free
  • Hydrophobic & Water Splash Repellent
  • Extra Tough Coating & Scratch Resistant
  • A clear screen without any residue
  • Single Coating Lasts Up to 1 Years
  • 100% Product of the EU

Everything you need to make your laptop and macbook screen scratch resistant


Nano Technology

The Nano Technology is super scratch resistant and yet still provides a hardness rating that rivals most other forms of device screen protection. With the Invisible features of Shark Proof there is no obtrusive screen protector therefore Shark-proof allows you to have a screen protector that can be used with any case. The world’s toughest grade nanotechnology. Extra tough coating, stronger than traditional screen protectors.


Clear Glossy Screen

Shark Proof will leave a smooth layer of gloss on your device which enhances your usage on touchscreen surfaces and those with inbuilt cameras and mics without impairing clarity or vision using Liquid Glass Wipe-On Screen Protection for ANY Laptop or MacBook.


Pack Contains 

Your SP2 Liquid Screen Protection for Laptop / MacBook’s contains

1 x Manual

1 x Microfibre Cloth

1 x Cleaner Primer & 1 x Liquid Glass Wipe-On


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We would love to hear from you if you any other questions, application support or if you would like to apply Shark Proof to products not listed, please feel free to reach us on hello@shark-proof.com with your questions and we'll aim to respond within 24 hours.