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Protect your Intuos Pro Special Edition with Shark Proof

By June 7, 2016Buzz
wacom Intuos Pro Special Edition

Wacom has recently introduced Intuos Pro Special Edition which is specially designed for professionals related to the field of graphics designing. This amazing pen tablet from Wacom allows users to perform numerous activities, and gives them a powerful tool at their disposal through which they can produce professional high quality results with precision control and precision over their artwork. The beautifully designed special edition comes in silver and black color.

One of the amazing aspects of Intuos is that it detects pressure sensitivity which means that if you apply light pressure on the surface, the impression formed will be light. Moreover, by using the tablet pen you can fully control the line width and its opacity based on how lightly you press the pen on surface and the pen has the capability to deliver up to 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Furthermore, you can also use zoom in and out function to get more accuracy and control over your art. Besides, navigating through work also very easy and you can simply swap with your hand to access any of your previous work. The Intuos Pro Edition also allows you to create multiple shortcuts according to your need which gives you the ultimate comfort experience.

In addition to, the pen tablet automatically detects the software that you’re currently using to produce your artwork and it offers default suggestion for creating multiple touch point shortcuts. The exterior of Intuos Pro Edition is elegantly designed in such a way that it can easily fit into your travel bag or laptop bag without taking a lot of storage space.

Even though Wacom’s Intuos Pro provides better photo editing results and it streamlines graphic design work perfectly but when it comes down to harsh environment it is still prone to scratches and dust particles. On the other hand, Shark Proof’s Liquid Screen Protector can be applied on the surface of tablet pen in order to protect it from abrasions without limiting or restricting any of the functionality.

The application of liquid screen protector on the multi-touch screen is very simple and it does not take a lot of time. All you need do is simply follow the guideline provided in the product package to apply liquid protector and your device is fully protected up to 2 years. Since the liquid is based on nanotechnology and its molecular structure is smaller than water so it allows the surface to repel water, and if you’re using your pen tablet with wet hands then you don’t need to worry about water getting inside the tablet.

The nanotechnology based liquid also helps you in fighting germs and it completely eliminates 99% of microorganism present in our environment so you don’t have to worry about getting germs through your pen tablet. Plus, fingerprints and smudges are not able to stick on the screen, and if you want to clean the screen just simply use the sticker provided which is immersed in nanotechnology to clean the area that has dust particles on it.

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