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Protect LeapFrog Epic with liquid screen protector and let your children play

By February 17, 2016Buzz
LeapFrog Epic

LeapFrog Epic is an advanced android learning tablet with 7 inch multi touch screen which is especially designed for children belonging to age group of 3 to 9 years old, and offers a constructive learning environment for them. This particular tablet has numerous features which accelerates learning capacity among children. Since every child has its own imagination and based on that they can design their own unique home screen moreover, build creative skill set at the same time.
LeapFrog Epic
Furthermore, different difficulty levels are planned for each peer group that stimulates learning and innovation. Consider for example if a three years old child is using LeapFrog it will have games with difficulty level set according to three years old standards, but when the same child becomes four years old the level of difficulty can be improved so basically this tablet grows as your children grow. It continuously offers new challenges that help children in enhancing their critical thinking abilities.

In addition to, the tablet has a built in safe browsing feature that makes sure that your children do not go to websites that are irrelevant for them. It has advance parental control mechanism that is carefully constructed to provide safe browsing at all time. Moreover, parents can add new websites on tablets such as school website or any other learning website. All applications that are available on the tablet do not have any built in app purchase system which further adds more security and reliability. Besides, LeapFrog also shows real time weather reports, clocks, daily surprises, and much more.

How Liquid Screen Protector from Shark Proof makes LeapFrog safe for my children?

Young children usually do not have a habit of cleaning their hands before they eat something or they put their hands in their mouth which can result in transferring germs. Various studies have been conducted over the years by numerous bodies which report that glass screen has thousands of germs and bacteria present on them. These germs can be easily transferred to the child by touching the glass screen and can cause illness among children.
Invisible Liquid Protector

Shark Proof, United Kingdom based company has launched an innovative wipe on liquid screen protector that offers protection against germs and bacteria. It forms a protective layer that eliminates bacteria completely and prevents the growth of microorganisms. It makes the tablet completely safe and free from any types of germs.

Other Features of Liquid Screen Protector

Apart from making glass screen germ free it offers up to 9H hardness which provides maximum protection against scratches, and grazes. Since young children are mostly sloppy when they are using the device and they can accidently scratch glass screen through pencils or keys which can damage the tablet. Moreover, these tablets are expensive and the best way to secure your investment is by using an economical liquid screen protector that increases the life of glass screen.

Can Shark Proof protect other models of LeapFrog?

Wipe on screen protector from Shark Proof can easily protect smart screen of any size up to 10.1 inch. LeapFrog Epic has a display screen of 7 inch and our invisible liquid can be effortlessly applied on it without adding weight or affecting the display of screen.

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