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Scratch Proof Your iPhone, iPad, & Apple Watch with Nano-Coating

By July 13, 2016Buzz
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Dealing with smudges and scratches on iPhone, iPad and apple watches can be really maddening especially when it takes up to several hours in order to get the screen cleaned perfectly without any mark. Grazed glass screen not only distorts the viewing experience but it also limits functionality which makes it difficult to operate the phone correctly.

If you’re already using an iPhone or iPad or smart watch then you would already know that dust particles will eventually find a way to your device and it can clog internal fans, processors within a short period of time which can result in over-heating and charging issues.

So if you’re searching for an ideal solution that can provide complete protection against scratches and abrasions in that case Shark Proof’s Liquid Screen Protector offers scratch resistant nano-coating. The DIY nano-coating caters to all such problems mentioned above, and it gives you more benefits compared to plastic protectors.

Since nano-coating technology is a liquid based solution it is not restricted to any particular smart device. You can easily apply the liquid on any type of glass surface up to 10.1 inch and it creates a protective layer with hardness level of 9H which prevents the glass from getting grazed. Whether you own an iPhone or iPad or smart watch, you can protect your gadget with nano-coating.

Compared to plastic or film protectors, liquid glass screen protector do not confines access to any button or function or feature and application is also a hassle free process. Moreover, you need to follow simple guidelines provided in the product packaging or you can learn about the process at our how to apply section.

Moving on, nano-coating also leaves a high gloss which makes the surface shinny and keeps the dust particles at bay so that you will always have a clear screen. From time to time, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your iPhone or iPad and it will protect your device up to 2 years so that you can completely relax. Besides, you can also use it on finger print as it will not damage or restrict functionality to it.

Once the nano-coating is applied on your iPhone or smart watch or iPad, air bubbles will never form on the glass surface and you will have a crystal clear display without any spots. The self healing protector makes sure that air molecules does not get trapped inside the structure, and even sharp objects such as pens or pencils or keys does are also unable to penetrate through the protective layer.

Lastly, you can purchase Liquid Glass Screen Protector for just 14.99pounds with free shipment in United Kingdom, and you can enjoy hassle free protection up to 2 years.

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