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The Shark Proof 2016 Gift Guide For Father’s Day

By June 14, 2016Buzz
gift guide from shark proof

Father’s day is just around corner and it is that time of the year when you honor your father for their contribution in your life. It is one of the oldest holidays that has been created in order to compliment mother’s day, the first father’s day was celebrated on June, 9, 1910 in United States of America. Additionally, whether the super dad in your life is a technology lover or athlete or writer or businessman or performs any other similar role in his professional life, we have created a short guide that will help you in picking the right present for your father.

Smart Watch

The smart watch can help your dad in performing multiple tasks within few minutes, and your dad can track his health activities throughout the day. Furthermore, he will be able to see his blood pressure, monitor his heart rate, calories burnt in a day, weekly and monthly reports, and so on. This is a perfect gift for any dad whether he is an athlete or thinking about going to a gym.

Dream Science Sleep Companion

Besides, if your dad has trouble sleeping at night or waking up early in the morning then Dream Science‘s sleep companion is just the right gift for your father. It comes with twenty different soundscapes which provides a soothing effect, and makes sure that your dad has an uninterrupted sleep cycle moreover; when he wakes up, he will be fully restored.

Pulse Smart Watch and application

If your dad is into racket type of sports such as table tennis, squash, badminton, tennis then Pulse smart watch and application is the best gift him. This smart watch has been designed by grand champion himself and it is designed to keep track of the scores when you’re having an intense physical game with your dad. Moreover, pulse application is also supported on android smart watch and apple smart watch.

Spending Time Together

Perhaps, this may be the best gift among all of the things listed on the guide. You can plan out your entire day with your father. Moreover, you can start your day by making your dad’s favorite breakfast and then you can go on a fishing trip or go to movies and spend some quality time your father. On the other hand, if you happen to live in a different city or country then you should call him and let him know how you feel about him and send him a gift with a customized gift card that shows how much you care about your father.

Lastly, whatever gift you decide to give it to your father, but make sure it is fully protected. These smart devices are powerful but they are also fragile when it comes to scratches and sharp object. Shark Proof’s innovative liquid screen protector can provide total protection up to 2 years and it can help you in extending the life span of your gift. Whether you choose Dream Science companion or Pulse Smart Watch or any other similar type of electronic gadget, make sure that your gift has the invisible protection on it.

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