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Shark Proof Leaves an Everlasting Impact at Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas

By January 14, 2016Buzz
Shark Proof Steals the show

As CES 2016 comes to an end, one of the highlights at the event this year was Shark Proof with its innovative nanotechnology based Liquid Screen Protector for smart devices. At the exhibition Shark Proof unveiled its unique and groundbreaking technology to the world and showed how Shark Proof has made the lives of daily consumer even simple.

Screen protectors are considered as wise investment choice, since it allows consumer to safeguard their expensive media devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and other similar devices. However, most the protection accessories presently available in the market falls short of their promise and they are unable to deliver desired results so in the end consumers are at the suffering end.

Smart phone and media device users who were present during the event were already looking for better options in terms of protection and that gives more mobility to them. One of the major problems that most consumers faced was of air bubbles and cleaning the display screen. Once the air bubbles would appear on the screen it will significantly reduce output quality and therefore users had to remove the protective casing so that they can operate their easily.

Furthermore, many mobile phone users switch or upgrade their smart phones at least once in a year as a new model is introduced in the market which has more features and it is better than the previous one. New phone models that are introduced in the market have different dimensions in terms of length & width, and old protective casing cannot be applied on it. They either have to wait for right screen protector or operate their smart devices without it.

Shark Proof at CES 2016 demonstrated how liquid screen protector is different from simple screen protector, and it can be applied to any device with screen size up to 10.1 inch. It can be used on smart phone, smart watch, tablets, laptops, medical equipment, Sat Nav, GPS systems, drones, rear view mirror, home appliances, and camera lens. Nano-technology formulation gives the screen extra hardness that is “9H hardness” so protecting your smart devices against all types of scratches isn’t an issue anymore.

In addition to, liquid screen protector also addresses the problem of air bubbles and it has completely eliminated it. Once the protective liquid is applied on the display screen air bubbles are never formed on the glass surface. Furthermore, it also have anti-bacterial properties which helps to fight against germs so if you are a doctor or nurse or working in a hospital environment then you don’t need to worry about getting germs transmitted through your smart phone.

Cleaning the screen of any smart device can be a hectic task as finger prints, dust and smudges are always present on it. However, with the application liquid protector one can simply forget about all these problems. They can simply use a cleaner sticker to wipe out anything present on glass surface. On the other hand, nano-technology liquid also repels water from the surface as compared to simple screen protectors. If we look at the molecular structure of nano-technology liquid then we can find our answer since water molecules are larger than nano-technology liquid therefore, water is not able to pass through it and it makes the surface water repellent.

Mr. Rashad Hussain, CEO of Shark Proof, said that they have achieved great success in United Kingdom’s consumer electronic market with their innovative product, and now they have completed all their preparations to launch liquid screen protector in United States this year, moreover, they are ready to prove that their product can compete with major screen protector manufacturers at the higher end of the market. At CES 2016, Shark Proof received overwhelming response from the consumers who were simply amazed by unique features of liquid protector and they are eagerly awaiting to purchase liquid screen protector.

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